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The transport of chemicals is not only very demanding due to the different types of packaging (drums, bags) and transport routes,
requires special measures to avoid possible hazards.

To ensure that bagged goods, big bags and drums arrive safely at their destination, we have developed load securing articles especially for the chemical industry.
This includes one of our newest and most innovative products, the certified [R] TruckLash, with up to 30% more payload than conventional truck loading.

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Developing and processing chemical products is something for experts only. Chemical transports are not declared as hazardous goods for nothing. To minimize these dangers, therefore, professionals are needed in the field of load securing. We work together with the major players in the chemical industry and have, for example, developed the revolutionary [R] TruckLash developed.

[R] TruckLash

The task was to enable the loading of drums onto trucks in a double layer. The goal was to improve sustainability by increasing the load capacity of each truck. Through an innovative combination of head and bay lashing, we were able to develop a certified restraint system. With up to 30% more payload, this saves the chemical company almost a third of the costs.

In addition, the system is designed as a reusable system and has been independently certified by Eurosafe. Impressions of how we developed this excellent restraint system together with our customer can be found in our Professional article with video content.

[R] Lashing Tec

Here, too, the impetus came from the chemical industry. When loading BigBags and bagged goods into containers, a lashing restraint system is usually used.

However, since the soft packaging can settle during transport movements or the pressure on the lashing is reduced by loading and unloading, it occasionally happened that the webbing straps sagged or slipped slightly. The solution was to incorporate a rubber band that compensates for the swaying movements and keeps the cross straps of the lashing under tension at all times.

Since this is also a hazardous material, it was of course important to obtain a CTU Code-compliant certification. You will find a detailed application in this technical article.

Do you already know our [R] edge protector mushroom?

Similar task as for the [R] Lashing Tecbut depending on the goods to be loaded is already sufficient our [R] edge protector mushroom. Here, too, the objective was to achieve a holding-up function for the cross bands, which is achieved by milling the edge protection angle. Through these, the cross bands of the Lashings guided and held at height. In addition, the angle protects and supports the hazardous material.

[R] Barrel Lashing √ė 600 ‚Äď One- or Multi-Way System

Round on square is always difficult. Fixing a barrel on a pallet according to the CTU Code is just as difficult. With the [R] barrel securing device, you have several possibilities at hand to fix one or two 200 liter barrels with a diameter of 600 mm on a Euro pallet.

First, a retaining strap is passed over the barrel. Then the two ends on the right and left are connected either with a Composite ribbon fixed to the pallet, or you use a Pressure ratchet strap to make it a returnable solution for internal plant traffic. Alternatively, we also offer a ready-sewn Reusable solution with clamp buckle belt an. In any case, you are highly flexible and thus also take into account the increasingly demanded sustainability.

You can find out more in our technical article: How to properly secure a steel barrel!

Modular system for lashing

Many different loading situations but always the same Lashing? This is what every loadmaster wishes for.

To come as close as possible to this wish, we developed a modular system which can be used as a two-part, three-part or four-part lashing quick as lightning.

[R] Pro Lash Flex.

It's hard to believe?

It is inevitable that soft packages move during the delivery traffic. What we can do is to avoid the slipping of the lashing's transverse bands.

Our innovative rubber-construction fixes it in height, even when the goods are moving.

Discover [R] Pro Lash Tec now...

Loading an IBC? No problem

Liquids have special requirements to load securement because the inertia of masses must be considered.

For chemical products, we have therefore developed lashing systems that also professionally fix IBCs.

[R] Pro Lash
We will be happy to advise you further.


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We understand our customers, because the special challenges of load securing for the chemical industry are manifold:

Hazardous substances: The chemical industry often works with hazardous substances that require special safety precautions. Load securing systems must be able to safely transport and secure these substances to prevent accidents or leaks.

Complexity of the products: Chemical products can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and packaging. Load securing systems must be flexible and able to adapt to different requirements.

Sensitivity to temperature and pressure: Some chemical products are sensitive to temperature and pressure fluctuations. The cargo securing systems must be able to protect the products from such influences and maintain the required temperature and pressure conditions.

Regulations and standards: The chemical industry is subject to strict regulations and standards regarding the transport of hazardous substances. Load securing systems must comply with these regulations and ensure that the load meets the applicable safety standards.

Supply chain complexity: The chemical industry is often involved in complex supply chains that can involve the transportation of products across different countries and means of transport. Load securing systems must be designed to meet supply chain requirements and enable safe and efficient delivery.

Taking back of dangerous goods packaging: In the chemical industry, there is often a take-back system for dangerous goods packaging. The load securing systems must be designed to facilitate the return of the packaging and ensure the transport of empty containers.

These challenges require special load securing solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of the chemical industry.

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