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Modular system for lashing

Many various loading situations, but always the same lashing? That's what every loadmaster wishes for....

To come as close as possible to this wish, we developed a modular system which can be used as a two-part, three-part or four-part lashing quick as lightning.

[R] Pro Lash Flex.

Loading an IBC? No problem

Liquids have special requirements to load securement because the inertia of masses must be considered.

We developed lashing systems which can also fix IBCs professionally.

[R] Pro Lash
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It's hard to believe?

It is inevitable that soft packages move during the delivery traffic. What we can do is to avoid the slipping of the lashing's transverse bands.

Our innovative rubber-construction fixes it in height, even when the goods are moving.

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Lashing – Pro Lash

Only the best materials, with carefully designed solutions - this is, what features our Pro Lash. Modular construction, incorporated rubber-elements - the list of innovations is long. Applications Pro-Lash lashings: Rothschenk pro lash restraint systems are always used on the loading ramp, when high requirements are demanded for the securement with lashing systems. Our pre-assembled restraint systems for [...]

Barrel securement - one-way

(R) barrel securement was developed as a one-way system to safely secure barrels on a pallet. Through the use of a strap this application is very easy to use. Application of barrel securement one-way: The round shape of barrels complicates the general handling as well as the loading and the reliable shipment. Rothschenk has taken up all this issue and.......

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line

(R) Red Line dunnage bags are the price-performance-winner among our dunnage bags. Optimized materials combined with a level 1 strength and an AAR-certification makes it a first-choice product. Application of dunnage bags: Standard Dunnage Bags (R) Red Line are both efficient and inexpensive. With a level 1 certifications and approval.....

Dunnage bag – Bag Pro Line

Your demand is premium? So are our dunnage bags! Both materials and constructions make our (R) Pro Line dunnage bag the first choice when it comes to securing the load of high-quality goods. Application of dunnage bags ProLine: Dunnage bags Pro Line is our sturdy dunnage bag to fill in hollow space and gaps between the transport unit and/or the loading unit. Thanks to.......

Barrel securing - reusable

It is a challenge to secure a round barrel. At least if you don't have the (R) barrel securement. This has been developed as a reusable system for example for the internal factory traffic and easily fixates a barrel on a pallet. Application of the barrel-securement multiway: To properly secure liquids in barrels on pallets it is a special challenge on all transport routes......

Edge protection - cardboard quarter circles

Indispensable for transporting barrels: Quarter shells made of cardboard. They protect the barrels from deformation and reliably redirect the tension forces around the curves of the goods. They are available in different radii. Application of cardboard quarter shells: Rothschenks quarter shells are always used when barrels or IBCs need to be protected from damage, but.....

Dunnage Bag – Bag S.A.M.

Exclusively developed by Rothschenk and THE innovation on the market. [R] Pro Line S.A.M is a restraint system with dunnage bags on the outside. Special highlight is its unique anti-slip lamination, which allows a retention force of 10,000 daN - without lashing points. Applications of Dunnage Bag S.A.M: S.A.M. is the abbreviation for "System of Anti-slip Material“. The specially for temperature-controlled [...]

Lashing - Tool Battery Tensioner

Battery Tensioners are an automatized version of conventional reel tensioners. You do not limit the handling with the mobile battery mode but ease the difficult manual tensioning. Application of battery tensioners: A battery tensioner eases the work at the ramp enormously. Comparable to a reel tensioner in its function, it is used to [...]

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