Load securement according to shipping method

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Securing Chemical Products - A drawing of a container loaded with IBCs secured with an oversized stowage pad, cardboard edge protectors and webbing.

Load securement in containers

Securement for IBCs, barrels, pallets and soft packaging

Our specialty. As a technology leader of container loading securement, we offer certificated system to our credo: „Work – don´t play“.
Load securement according to shipping method

Load securement on trucks

Lashing straps, tensioning straps, tie-bars, clamping bars

Freight traffic on the road has its own dynamic. Our rapidly useable systems secure your goods reliably on all their ways.
Sprinter Ladungssicherung nach Versandart | Rothschenk

Load securement for transporters

Tensioning straps, lashing straps, nets

Even the "final mile" can efficiently be secured with Rothschenk . We have an extensive range of smart solutions for short distances traffic.
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