Load securement according to shipping method

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Securing Chemical Products - A drawing of a container loaded with IBCs secured with an oversized stowage pad, cardboard edge protectors and webbing.

Load securement in containers

Securement for IBCs, barrels, pallets and soft packaging

Our specialty. As a technology leader of container loading securement, we offer certificated system to our credo: „Work – don´t play“.
Load securement according to shipping method

Load securement on trucks

Lashing straps, tensioning straps, tie-bars, clamping bars

Freight traffic on the road has its own dynamic. Our rapidly useable systems secure your goods reliably on all their ways.
Sprinter load securing by shipping method | Rothschenk

Load securement for transporters

Tensioning straps, lashing straps, nets

Even the "final mile" can efficiently be secured with Rothschenk . We have an extensive range of smart solutions for short distances traffic.

When shipping goods in an overseas container, there are several load securing devices that can be used to secure the cargo and prevent potential damage during transit. Here are some common cargo securing means:

Tension belts: Tension straps are sturdy straps made of polyester or polypropylene that are used to tie down cargo in the container. They are wrapped around the cargo and then tensioned to hold it securely in place.

Anti-slip Mats: Anti-slip mats are placed on the floor of the container to prevent the cargo from sliding. They provide additional adhesion and stability.

Dam wood: wooden dunnage is used to block and secure the cargo in the container. It is placed between the individual cargo units to minimize movement.

Dunnage bagsStowage bags are a faster and more efficient alternative to dunnage. These air-filled pads, which are blown into the gaps between load units, serve to stabilize the load and prevent it from slipping.

Edge Protection: Edge protector is used to protect sensitive edges of the cargo and prevent damage during transportation. It can be made of plastic, foam or metal.

It is important to select the correct load securing equipment according to the type of goods, the shipping method and the specific requirements of the overseas container. The correct use of these load securing means is crucial to ensure a safe and stable load during transportation.

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