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Lashing – Akkubetriebenes Spanngerät

Die Innovation des Jahres! Mit einem Gewicht von gerade mal 2,8 kg ist dieses Spanngerät ca. 30% leichter als alle anderen Geräte am Markt. Zudem wurde bei der Entwicklung darauf geachtet, das es mit einer Hand bedienbar und maximal kompakt ist. Mit der Drehmomentvorwahl können Sie auch jederzeit exakt...

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Stahlcoils Ladungssicherung | Verschlusspolster | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Locking Pads

Sealing a hole on the construction area? That takes just a second with our (R) Pro Line Locking Pads. Each shape and measurement is possible. Robust, sealed and, thanks to the multi-way outlet, reusable any time.

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Stahlcoils Ladungssicherung | Verschlusspolster | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Steel Coil Securement

Straight rolled steel coils tend to stretch from their originally round shape to an oval due to their high dead weight - this is why we have developed the (R) Steel Coil Securement for your load securing! Because it prevents precisely this effect in the core of the coil.

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Ersatzteile für die Befülltechnik | Akku-Gebläse | Rothschenk.

Dunnage Bag - Filling Equipment Spare Parts

(R) Spare parts for filling technology fulfill two promises to our customers: The permanent supply of spare parts, even over years, and the supply of our customers with new, innovative tools for everyday loading.

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Einweg-Staupolster | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Dunnage Bag – Bag White Line

(R) White Line dunnage bags fulfill the requirements of numerous loading station. We are pleased to consult you about the capability of your loading station.Application of White Line dunnage bags: Rothschenk White Line are applied in the shipping with trucks for example. The Rothschenk White Line dunnage bags are developed for the client with focus on cost saving. This is shown by the weight-optimized material thicknesses and a constructively changed build-up of the load securement material.

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Stretchfolienabroller | Rothschenk

Stretch Foil Dispenser

Stretch Foil Dispensers make everyday life a lot easier. The roll is simply attached and guided around the goods with the handle at a comfortable working height. This makes stretching easy.

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Absturzsicherungen Sonderlösungen für die Landwirtschaft | Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Agricultural sector

For many branches we are the innovative problem solver. This extents to the area of agriculture, where for example things must be covered across extensive areas or handlebars must be designed flexibly. Applications for the agriculture: Rothschenk has developed innovative special solutions for the many areas of applications in the agriculture. Smart applications are for example ...

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Lashband Spanngerät Akkuspanner Milwaukee | Rothschenk

Lashing - Tool Battery Tensioner

A battery tensioner is like a conventional reel tensioner, a lashband tensioning device. However, this is an automated variant. The mobile battery operation does not restrict the handling, but it makes the tedious manual tensioning easier.

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Eine Wabenplatte aus Pappe | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Paper Honeycomb Core Board

(R) Kantenschutz Wabenplatten kommen als Trennlage, Stapelhilfe oder Schutz zwischen Ware und Bordwand zum Einsatz. Durch die Wabenbauweise aus Pappe sind diese sowohl leicht, als auch höchst robust. Die Mindestabnahmemenge ist 1 Palette. Anwendung von Wabenplatten: Unsere (R) Papierwabenplatte eine stabile und widerstandfähige Zwischenlage bei der Ladungssicherung. Der leichte Wabenkarton...

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Ein Speedchair als Palettenmöbel in limettengün und schwarz. | Palettensofa selber bauen | Rothschenk

Special Solution - Speedchair

Build your own pallet sofa! Our (R) Speedchair complements the trend of pallet furniture with really useful functions. Waterproof, comfortable, small and easy to store. With a real coolness factor, our Speedchair is ideal for parties, festivals and events.

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Poolkissen-Set | Poolpolster/Poolkissen XXL für die Überwinterung | Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Pool Cushion

Pool owners know the problem. In the spring, the pool cover is difficult to remove, not to mention the dirt of the past few months. But with our (R) Pool Cushion, the cover is arched and thus prevents these annoyances.

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Ladungssicherung von Strangpressprofilen |Zeichnung einer verschlossenen Gestellplane an einem Container | Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Rack Tarp

Our (R) Rack Tarp for load securement is used in the production and shipping of extruded profiles. Here, the solution, which is optimized for fast application, prevents individual profiles from slipping out in factory and delivery traffic. Areas of application for frame tarpaulins: We have developed a special solution especially for the metal industry. For the transport of long profiles ...

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Staupolster Ladungssicherung -Pro Line SiRi für rundum Unterstand der Ware zur Europalette | Rothschenk

Special Solution - Siri

Instead of using individual dunnage bags to secure loads, Rothschenk has combined them into one product in the form of a saddlebag. (R) Pro Line SiRi solves the problem of the goods being sheltered from all sides to the Euro pallet.

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Rohrsicherung - Rohrenden gegen Verschmutzung schützen | Rothschenk

Special Solution - Pipe Cover

The (R) Pipe Cover was developed to protect pipe ends against contamination. This is pulled on precisely without additional aids and seals against environmental influences. (R) Pipe Cover is available in all sizes.

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LKW Ladungssicherung | Festeinbau von Staupolstern | Autoteile Festeinbauten mit automatisiertem Befüllsystem für wiederkehrende Verladesituationen | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Permanent Installation in trucks

(R) Truck Permanent Installations for load securement are a clever idea for recurring loading situations. For this almost fully automatic dunnage bag system, we work together with renowned manufacturers. Application: Rothschenk truck permanent installations for load securement are as ingenious as they are easy to use. A device is installed in the truck with ...

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Kanister-Sicherung auf Palette | Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Canister Securement

The (R) Canister Securement is particularly popular in internal works or delivery traffic. Because of the special structure, the system can be continuously adapted to the container size and individual canisters can also be removed without any problems.

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Spezialkissen für den Transport von Windkraftanlagen | Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Wind Power

Expensive components must also be specially protected during transport - That is why we have developed special covers for wind turbines that protect the expensive components from the effects of the weather. What may we develop for you? Application of wind power protection: Large and expensive assemblies for example wind turbines need special protection during transport. Since these are often only ...

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Das Y-Cover wurde speziell für Weichverpackungen entwickelt | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Special Solutions - Y-Cover

Transporting soft building materials such as roof insulation can be a challenge. That is why we have developed (R) Y-Cover specifically for delivery to customers. The tarpaulin with belt strap holds the goods securely in place and can be quickly opened and repositioned.

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Umreifungsbandabroller | Rothschenk

Strapping - Tape Dispenser

Professional strapping of goods is hardly feasible without a strapping tape dispenser. The combination of a rotating roller and a practical storage compartment for the tensioning device make it a good friend by your side.

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Umreifungsband Kunststoff | Rothschenk

Strapping - Band

Quickly and easily combine cardboard boxes and other packaging into one loading unit. With our high-quality plastic strapping you can be sure that your goods will always arrive safely at their destination.

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Tools - Container

Hooks and drying agents, lashing point extensions or flexible hooks for a reefer container - Rothschenk offers you a big range of useful supplies for the loading security. Application of container supplies: Rothschenk has a big selection of container supplies. There are lashing points for reefer containers (refrigerated containers), lashing point extensions for container lashings ...

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A positioning guide for straps in a container.

Tools - positioning guides

(R) Tool positioning guides ease many hand movements on the loading ramp. Whether it is a telescopic gripper or a positioning guide for lashing or an edge protection angle - all our tools are of sturdy quality and absolute professional devices. Application of positioning guides: The use of Rothschenks positioning guides are manifold. Often places in a container are hard to reach, either at the mounting ...

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Druckluft Füllpistole online kaufen | Füllpistole für Staupolster | Rothschenk

Inflatable airbag - Filling equipment pistols

Depending on the application, there are one-way or multi-way valves or different filling techniques. We attach great importance to the fact that you receive a suitable filling gun for all variants. Our Rothschenk filling pistol for dunnage bags stands out not only because of its high filling speeds but also because of its robust design.

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90° Befülladapter SMART Ventil Quick connect für Akku-Gebläse oder Füllpistolen | Rothschenk

Dunnage Bag - Filling Equipment Adapter

Rothschenk has four different types of valves, three filling devices, three different filling pistols and a total of over 80 items for filling technology in its range of dunnage bags. Accordingly, we have a huge selection for all applications, e.g. Filling adapter for battery blowers or filling pistols.

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Akku-Gebläse Milwaukee mit SMART Ventil Quick Connect Kunststoff für Staupolster - Befülltechnik | Rothschenk

Dunnage Bag - Filling Equipment

Are you looking for professional filling equipment? Then you are exactly right here. Because our battery blowers are among the most powerful devices on the market. Both Rothschenk's own battery blower PAM and the professional battery blower Milwaukee. Together with our diverse valve adapters and clever detailed solutions (case system, 90 ° freewheel, flexible hose ...)

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Akku Gebläse-Set Milwaukee | Mobile Akku-Gebläse | Rothschenk

Dunnage bag - Filling Equipment Mobile Battery Pack

Don't search. Find! We have created an attractive mobile battery blower sets with the most important components of modern load securement. On the one hand always compatible with our dunnage bags and on the other hand individually expandable. E.g. with our practical storage case systems.

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LKW Ladungssicherung | Festeinbau von Staupolstern | Autoteile Festeinbauten mit automatisiertem Befüllsystem für wiederkehrende Verladesituationen | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Truck Load Securement - Permanent Installation

(R) Permanent Installations can be made in trucks and vans alike. Whenever the loading situation repeats itself regularly, a permanent installation of dunnage bags makes sense. These are automatically filled and drained using a dedicated compressed air system.

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Zwischenwandverschluss - LKW Ladungssicherung für Containersicherung | Rothschenk

Truck load securement - parting wall locks

Fast. Faster. Partiting wall lock - for securing loads in trucks and transport vehicles. This serves as a locking bar across the direction of travel and is released and repositioned in a flash using simple lever technology. Ideal for short-haul traffic.

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Ein LKW-Ladungssicherungsnetz ist über gestapelte Paletten gespannt | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Truck load securement - nets

Truck load securement nets prevent the load from being thrown out, e.g. when the tipper body is open. The net spans the entire loading area and reliably fixes the load in place. Use of safety nets: Safety nets are always used when cargo is divided into small pieces or has to be secured over a large area.

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Zurrgurte - LKW Ladungssicherung mit einem blauen und gelben Spanngurt | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Truck Load Securement - Lashing Straps

Lashing straps are the tried and tested classic in load securement - ideal for lashing down goods in trucks or vans. Available as a robust ratchet or an ergonomic long lever pull ratchet. Use of lashing straps: With Rothschenk's two-part lashing straps made of polyester fabric and with claw hooks, you can secure your load on trucks and transport vehicles quickly and easily.

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a lashing strap reel

Lashing straps - lashing strap reel

You can keep winding lashing strap tediously by hand or safe time and work by using a lashing strap reel. This is mounted easily on the truck and is used by a crank handle. Application of lashing strap reels: Every truck driver knows the problem: After unloading the goods all the lashing straps must be tediously rolled up by hand.

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A Guspako with a long lever

Lashing Strap - Guspako long lever

You could leave it up to the users feeling to tighten the lashing strap with the right tension. Or you use the Guspako long lever with torque. Rothschenks version has also an additional innovative anti-slip device. Application of the Guspako long lever: Lashing straps by hand is a common practice, but strictly speaking no ...

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Zurrgurte | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Lashing straps - Ergo long lever pull ratchet

In contrast to conventional pressure ratchets, a longer lever is used for the so-called "Ergo" ratchet, which reduced the required forces. Additionally, you work with "tension" instead with "pressure". Application of long lever ratchet Ergo: Small details often makes the everyday life a lot easier. like with our useful tools our "Ergo" long lever ratchet. With its extended lever handle ...

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Druckratsche gelb | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Lashing straps - pressure ratchet

Pressure ratchets are the established method to tension lashing straps to fix goods on the loading area. Our range includes various bandwidths and lengths as well as tensile strength. Application of pressure ratchets: Rothschenk pressure ratchets are the first choice when it comes to fast and efficient loading security on the loading area. To tension a lashing strap ...

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Antirutsch Matte - 200 x 100 | Antirutsch-Matte | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Anti-slip mats

The anti-slip mat is recommended as an inexpensive and comparatively very efficient aid for securing loads in containers and truck dispatch. Application of anti-slip mat: Anti-slip rubber is recommended as an inexpensive and comparatively very efficient aid for securing loads in containers and truck dispatch.

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Antirutsch-Papier für Palettenladungen | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk


The anti-slip paper is a special Kraft paper that has been provided with a coating that increases the coefficient of friction. It serves, for example, as a layer between the pallet and the goods and prevents the load unit from sliding in itself.

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Kantenschutz Viertelschalen aus Pappe | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Edge protection - cardboard quarter circles

Essential for the shipping of barrels: Edge protection quarter circles made of cardboard. Because they protect the barrels from deformation and also reliably guide the clamping forces around the curvature of the goods. At Rothschenk they are available in different heights and radii.

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Kantenschutzwinkel aus Pappe mit Ausfräsungen | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Edge protectors - cardboard milled

You may already be familiar with edge protection angles made of cardboard - but we have a variant in our range that holds the cross strips at the same height thanks to special milling. Even if the goods are not under load.

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Zwei eckiger Kantenschutzwinkel Pappe | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Edge protection - paper edge

Most of the pressure is often on the edge of the goods. In order to reliably divert these forces, edge protection angles are the first choice. As a cost-effective variant, edge protectors made of cardboard are often completely sufficient.

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Kantenschutzwinkel Ladungssicherung | KSW_185x60mm speziell für empfindliche Kanten | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Edge protection - plastic edge single

Edge protection angles made of plastic can be used in a variety of ways to secure loads. However, there are also special forms. Among other things, for paper rolls, building materials or other, sometimes very sensitive cargo. At Rothschenk you will therefore find a large selection of corner protectors.

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Kantenschutz Ladungssicherung | Kantenschutzwinkel Kunststoff Orange | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Edge protection - plastic double-chambered

Building materials can take a lot. But our edge protection angles - plastic double chamber are in no way inferior. They are easy to assemble and have been designed to be as robust as possible. Our edge protection angles are available in standard lengths and also made to measure.

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Magnet zur Ladungssicherung | Haltemagnete | Magnethalter für Container Lashing | Rothschenk

Lashing - Tools Magnets

You will love this Rothschenk innovation - our magnetic holder! They are ideal for quickly attaching the transverse straps to the container wall when attaching lashings. And with the loop tape, they can be easily removed again.

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Positionierhilfen | Positionierhilfe kaufen

Lashing - Tool locator

THE "Tool" at the ramp. We have developed high quality tools for different situations which make the everyday life easier. They are available for example for the edge protection, inflatable airbags and lashings.

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Haspelspanner | Lashband Spanngerät Haspelspanner_40 mm Breite Gurtband | Rothschenk

Lashing - Tools Reel Tensioner

The reel tensioner is a lashband tensioning device. This makes use of the leverage when it comes to tensioning belt straps with the necessary force. The webbing is simply inserted, wrapped around a shaft with a lever and tensioned.

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Lashing/Lashband Haken / Spitzhaken

Lashing - Tool Hooks

Every load securement has a catch - but it should be the right one for your lashing. That is why we have a considerable selection of shapes and widths, tailored to your loading situation.

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Gurtschnallen für Lashband OWB 5020 | Rothschenk

Lashing - Tool Buckles

Lashing systems and lashing straps in general are closed with the help of belt buckles. These must be adjusted to the correct belt width, otherwise they will slip or not be able to absorb the forces. That is why we offer you a wide selection.

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Lashing Rückhaltesysteme im Container | Rothschenk

Lashing – Pro Lash

Only the best materials and solutions thought out down to the last detail. This is exactly what distinguishes our lashing restraint systems Pro Lash. Modular construction, integrated rubber elements - the list of innovations is long.

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Container Lashing Systeme | Red Lash 4er-Gurtband sichert einen Container | Ladungssicherungsprodukt Rothschenk

Lashing – Red Lash

Our Red Lash series has proven itself a million times over with container lashing systems with an attractive price-performance ratio. Easy to use, affordable, and yet no compromises in terms of security. These points were at the top of the specifications during development.

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Lashband zur Ladungssicherung | 4er Lashing mit Haltemagnete | Ladungssicherungsprodukt Rothschenk

Lashing – White Lash

(R) White Lash is a lash strap for securing loads and is always used when light goods are to be sent or to be secured cheaply. For example, by combining bagged goods and edge protection brackets with special cutouts, you don't have to forego safety.

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Full Safety Polster | Container Rückhaltesystem | Ladungssicherungsprodukt Rothschenk

Lashing – Full Safety Bag

Sending small goods in a container without everything coming towards the shipper when the container door is opened? Our (R) Full Safety Bag is a container restraint system that fulfills this function and is therefore suitable for individual cardboard boxes, for example.

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Full Safety Plane Container Rückhaltesicherung | Rothschenk

Lashing – Full Safety Tarp

A container restraint device prevents goods from falling out when the container doors are opened. In this way you protect the recipient and the goods in equal measure. Low in cost - great in effect.

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A Milwaukee individual fan to blow up dunnage bags

Dunnage Bag - Filling Equipment

There are many ways to fill a dunnage bag with air. We have the most effective one in our range. Whether it is a stationary compressed air system or a mobile battery blower - our components are perfectly matched Application of filling equipment: Rothschenk filling equipment is a generic term for numerous professional tools which ease your working day enormously.

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Staupolster Satteltasche | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Dunnage Bags - Saddlebag

The shelter between goods and pallets, i.e. the space around which goods are smaller than the base of the loading unit, can be quickly filled with (R) Pro Line Saddlebags. The integrated dunnage keeps the goods securely in place.

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Staupolster für große Staulücken für die Ladungssicherung im Container | Doppelkammer | Ladungssicherungsprodukt Rothschenk

Dunnage bags – Bag Double-Chambered

Particularly large stowage gaps cannot be filled with individual dunnage bags, as these would work out over time. That's why the Rothschenk experts have developed a dunnage bag for large stowage gaps. Our double chamber bag prevents slipping and can also be filled centrally.

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Staupolster für Container und LKW | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Dunnage Bag – Bag S.A.M.

Developed exclusively by Rothschenk and THE innovation on the market. (R) Pro Line S.A.M. is a restraint system with an external dunnage bag. The special highlight is the special anti-slip coating, which enables a retention force of up to 10,000 daN - without lashing points! Application of dunnage bag S.A.M .: S.A.M. is the abbreviation for "System of Anti-slip ...

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Staupolster 3D kaufen | Stausäcke 3D | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line 3D

Conventional dunnage bags are no longer sufficient for stowage gaps over 400 mm. 3D dunnage bags have a special design and have a much larger contact surface on the goods. Therefore, they are ideally suited for securing loads with stowage gaps of up to 800 mm.

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2D Staupolstersäcke | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Dunnage bag – Bag Pro Line

Is your claim premium? Our Dunnage Bag is also premium. Both materials and construction make our (R) Pro Line dunnage bags the first choice for securing high-quality goods.

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Staupolster kaufen | 2D RedLine optimized | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line

(R) Red Line dunnage bags are the price-performance-winner among our dunnage bags. Optimized materials combined with a level 1 strength and an AAR-certification makes it a first-choice product. Application of dunnage bags: Standard Dunnage Bags (R) Red Line are both efficient and inexpensive. With a level ...

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Staupolster 3D kaufen | Stausäcke 3D | Ladungssicherungsprodukte Rothschenk

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line 3D

For larger stowage gaps between 400 and 800 mm, 3D Dunnage Bags are required. For most shipments, our Red Line is just the thing. The greatest attention was paid to price and performance right from the development phase.

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