New: dunnage bag to stabilize the COIL core

Steel coil safety device

New: dunnage bag to stabilize the COIL core

The task:
Development of a load securement product for the central stabilization of the COIL core.

Our solution
(R) Pro Line Steel Coil Fuse. . The dunnage bag specially developed by Rothschenk for coil securing is unique on the load securement market. It is manufactured according to your specifications in the desired diameter. The coated polypropylene ribbon fabric of the outer padding protects and stabilizes the inner padding made of polyethylene film. Both cushions can be disposed of together. They are full recyclable and unproblematic in terms of combustion. (R) Bag LuCON 600 is equipped with a smart valve made of plastic and therefore designed for reusable use .

Do you have questions about the (R) Pro Line steel coil safety device? Then talk to us! Our customer service team will be happy to help you.

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