IHK Interview - Pioneer of sustainable management

IHK Interview - Pioneer of sustainable management

Aub. 01.03.2023

Rothschenk makes it onto the front page. Naturally, only the most important topics and leading companies end up there. This underlines our claim to be the "innovation leader" in the industry. Not only in our products, but also in their manufacturing steps, in the corporate structures and in the entire economic process.

Beforehand, an interview was conducted with one of the managing directors of G&H GmbH in order to research the necessary background information for the IHK article.

In the process, the press office was also able to "absorb" the "spirit" of the team-oriented company.

J├╝rgen Schulte-Wieking, who is responsible for production planning in the company and was in charge of introducing the sustainability focus in the company, explained the various hurdles and challenges, but also the solutions.

On 01.03.23 the time had come: The new IHK magazine W├╝rzburg-Schweinfurt IWM (Economy in Mainfranken) was published.

A special honor for us: Rothschenk as an editorial for the renowned business newspaper. As the IHK currently focuses on the topic of "sustainability" in its reporting, it was important to select a company that stands out for its special commitment in this area.

G&H GmbH Rothschenk has already attracted attention in recent years with extraordinary awards. In addition to more usual certifications such as DIN ISO 9001:2014, extraordinary benchmarks have also been achieved: e.g. EMAS and even the highest achievable level at Ecovadis: Platinum. The latter is met by less than 1% of all companies listed there.

The IHK contribution confirms the efforts of the past years. As a manufacturer of load securing systems, Rothschenk will consistently continue along this path. Because more and more customers are demanding this, but also and not least for the employees and the environment.

You can read the entire IHK article here.

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There was also perfect timing for the presentation of the current EMAS certificate for Rothschenk. Dr. Kargerbauer came by personally on 22.02.23 to present the certificate to the Rothschenk team. In particular, we would like to thank the Environmental Officer Bianca Schmitt and Johanna Ott, responsible for Project Management Integrated Management and Sustainability and Quality Management Officer.

During a short tour of the company, Mr. Kargerbauer was given an insight into the processes of a manufacturer of load securing systems. In addition to the topic of sustainability, the focus was also on the challenges of maintaining an own production in Germany. Furthermore, the expansion of the Lower Franconian company with a newly built logistics center. Here, too, new paths are being taken in the region with a district heating connection, KfW40 standards and photovoltaics.

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