Platinum achieved! EcoVadis awards Rothschenk

Platinum achieved! EcoVadis awards Rothschenk

Aub. 28.07.2022

The summit has been conquered. We have once again undergone the EcoVadis rating and it is not silver, nor gold but PLATIN. This puts us among the top 1% of companies rated on the EcoVadis platform in our industry.

Ongoing commitment, measures to improve business performance in areas such as the environment, labor and human rights, health management & occupational safety, data protection / IT security and supply chain sustainability have led to this excellent rating.

At the same time, we have shown patience and care in compiling the evidence and calculating the metrics. Here, a big thanks goes to our collaborators Bianca, Veronika and Sonja. A special thanks also goes to our Sustainability and Quality Officer or Project Manager Integrated Management Johanna Ott. She is also available to answer any questions you may have about our certificates and sustainability reports.

Find out more about Ecovadis here.

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