Our way to become greener

Smart multi-way systems

With our reusable systems, you save costs and valuable resources. Because by smartly linking your locations at home and abroad via app, you and our environment benefit. If you are interested, please contact: .

Green Products

We offer you environmentally friendly alternatives for our standard products grouped under the headline Green Products. Did you already know that you can save pure energy by using battery-operated filling systems instead of air-powered ones?

Quality and innovation

Product ideas, material research, special solutions for their application - in our innovation round we are creative and contribute our experience and expertise. Because we want to be designers and create solutions. In doing so, we never lose sight of your and our quality requirements.

Made in Germany

We deliver genuine "Made in Germany" and are convinced that as a company we bear responsibility for our society and the environment. And it is precisely for this reason that we have an integrated management system at our site in Aub and are certified according to EMAS and DIN EN ISO 9001.



EcoVadis - Platin medal

You don't take any risks with us - we have been awarded the platin medal on the EcoVadis sustainability rating platform. For you as a purchaser, this means that we demand and promote the implementation of high environmental and social standards both within the company and along the supply chain.
Meeting of our team about the topic of sustainability

Contact person

Johanna Ott

Sustainability and Quality Manager

Project Director Integrated Management


Telephone: +49 9335-971547

We are certificated by EMASEcoVadisISO 9001:2015 .

Rothschenk as employer

G&H GmbH Rothschenk was founded in 1996 and to date we have a production and administration site in Aub. Currently we employ about 100 people. Since the beginning, we have attached great importance to being a social and fair employer. The following examples illustrate what we understand by this:

  • Company pension and health scheme
  • Ergonomics at the working place, health days and an anti-smoke course
  • Flexible working models: full and part-time, mobile office, trust-based working hours, etc.
  • Working in interdisciplinary teams
  • Leasing compact cars and (electronic) bikes, safe driving training
  • Free coffee from fair trade, petrol vouchers monthly
  • Social events: summer parties, staff outing etc.
Empoyees in part-time
Women in leadership positions
Employees with handicap

Energy and resources efficiency

As part of the EMAS environmental management system, we record our energy and resource consumption as well as emissions. These key figures form the basis for defining measures and targets. A positive effect is the constant questioning and optimization of our production processes.

However, we provide a comprehensive range of multi-way products and -systems and show environmentally friendly alternatives to our custoumers.

An important step is the research and testing of bio-based raw materials for our dunnage pads. Here, we work closely with our suppliers as well as external partners in the field of research and development.

However, did you know that the recyclability of our PP and LDPE dunnage is 100%, unlike kraft paper dunnage? This is because the latter contain plastic inside (inliner, coating), so that a complex separation of the materials is necessary for recycling. But our dunnage can be disposed of in its entirety via the yellow bag and recycled as a raw material for high-quality products.

Increased energy efficiency 2016-2018
Increased material efficiency 2016-2018
Lower amount of waste
kgCO2e (warmth and electricity)

Society and Social Affairs

Beside a sustainable supply chain management, we advocate for both global and local social justice.

We have been working with Mainfränkische Werkstätten GmbH since 2008. In this way, we promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market. Because our BIG valves are assembled by the people working there.

Once a year, we also open our doors as part of the "T√ľr√∂ffner-Tag" (door-opening day) of the "Sendung mit der Maus" (show with the mouse) and face the critical questions of our children and grandchildren. We playfully explain the basic principles of load securement and offer a variety of stations on the topics of the environment, sustainability and quality.

We are particularly proud of the social business (B)Energy, which develops mobile biogas technology based on our airbags. We have been supporting the inventor and founder Katrin P√ľtz since 2011. The innovative system provides people in Africa, Asia and Latin America with access to clean cooking energy and income opportunities. Because with every biogas plant installed and every biogas backpack produced, we make an active contribution to improving living conditions and protecting the climate. You can find more information about (B)energy here.

Produced biogas backpacks
Children at the open doors day with the mouse
Assembled BIG valves in combination with the Mainfränkischen Werkstätten
Donations to local associations


Report on Sustainability and Certifications.

As a manufacturer of load restraint, which attaches great importance to sustainability, we are characterized by many features:

Environmentally friendly materials: Wherever possible, we use environmentally friendly materials that are either recyclable or biodegradable. We avoid as far as possible the use of harmful chemicals and substances that could pollute the environment.

Energy-efficient production: As a sustainable manufacturer, we focus on energy-efficient production processes. For example, we optimize our production facilities to minimize energy consumption and maximize the use of renewable energies. In this way, we also reduce the ecological footprint and contribute to reducing climate change.

Resource-saving manufacturing: Another aspect is resource-saving production. Here, too, we optimize production processes to minimize the consumption of raw materials. They recycle and reuse materials wherever possible to reduce waste.

Certifications and standards: We also strive to achieve certifications and standards that demonstrate our sustainability efforts. These include, for example, certifications according to ISO 14001 for environmental management or EcoVadis and EMAS.

Social responsibility: We also attach great importance to social responsibility. For example, we ensure fair working conditions, fair pay and compliance with labor and human rights. In addition, we are involved in social projects or fundraising campaigns to make a positive contribution to society.

Customer focus: Particular focus: We offer our customers environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. We advise our customers on the selection of products that meet load securing requirements and are environmentally friendly at the same time. Furthermore, we also provide training and information to inform customers about the benefits and correct use of sustainable load securing.

Overall, Rothschenk, is characterized by environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient production, resource-saving manufacturing, certifications and standards, social responsibility and customer focus. A career with such a company offers the opportunity to work in a field that makes a positive contribution to the environment and develops sustainable solutions for load securing.

Dear Customers. Our shop is a shop for companies and commercial customers (B2B-shop). Unfortunately, orders by private individuals cannot be taken.