New product broschures


New product broschures

Attention color still fresh! For our latest product innovations, we have designed informative product brochures that contain the most relevant information in a concentrated manner. You will find details about our new saddlebags and double-chamber dunnage bags, the clever lashing systems White and Pro Lash Flex and ingenious tools, such as our edge protection bracket with hold-up function.

New product brochures at a glance:

In addition, there are now industry-specific brochures for the most important economic areas of our customer groups. This includes individual, tailor-made solutions for every important industry.

Last but not least: In order to get to know the company G&H GmbH Rothschenk in detail, the load securement, the service and the products behind it, a general information brochure was published.

The whole Rothschenk team wishes you a lot of fun reading, browsing (online catalog) or downloading.

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