New logistics hall - open day with tractor exhibition

New logistics hall - open day with tractor exhibition

Aub. 26.03.2023

The new logistics hall was packed. But this time with visitors. Rothschenk invited the residents around Aub, Baldersheim and Burgerroth to take a look at the new logistics center at the main location in Aub and to join in celebrating its inauguration.

The catchment area was then probably much larger, because with an estimated over 500 visitors, there was really a lot going on. 40 cake trays had been baked by the kindergarten Baldersheim in advance and almost all of them were sold, besides coffee. With the money raised, the local kindergarten can now purchase items to modernize the equipment, e.g. pieces of furniture. We expressly thank all the big and small hard-working helpers of the kindergarten Baldersheim, for the catering and decoration, the face painting and the advertising in advance.

Special thanks also go to the Voluntary Fire Brigade Baldersheim. The guys from the local fire department have contributed with drinks and a barbecue stand, a great contribution to the success of this festival. About 250 sausages changed owners and filled the treasury of the firefighters. Together with the income from the sale of drinks, an important contribution to the cohesion of the village community was achieved.

An absolute highlight was certainly the vintage tractor exhibition. Sounding names like Porsche, Fendt and Lanz could be found among them, as well as Hanomag and Güldner. They were all rarities, some of them already in high "retirement age". We thank all screwdrivers and lovers of such "cultural assets", for your sacrificial hobby work and the willingness despite mixed weather, with your oldtimers to drive the way to us.

Rothschenk and its employees naturally also contributed something to the celebration. In addition to information points at the container, a training corner and the infrastructure, there was also a load securement factory sale. This was an opportunity for visitors to grab a bargain. For this purpose, useful cargo securing aids such as lashing straps, anti-slip mats and car nets were available at drastically reduced prices.

All in all, a great success. It was a lot of fun for us at Rothschenk and brought us a little closer to the local residents. Last but not least, Rothschenk is also an employer and always needs additional employees due to expansion.

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