Special Solutions - Steel Coil Securement

Special Solutions - Steel Coil Securement


Straight rolled steel coils tend to stretch from their originally round shape to an oval due to their high dead weight - this is why we have developed the (R) Steel Coil Securement for your load securing! Because it prevents precisely this effect in the core of the coil.

During the production of a steel coil, the Metal Industry The challenge was to protect it from deformation. Especially directly after rolling and winding, it would tend to lose its round shape if unsecured, as its high dead weight would give it a slightly oval shape.

Rothschenk has invented the Stahlcoils load securing system for this problem. This is a specially manufactured Dunnage Bags in cylindrical form which is inserted into the core of the steel coil and inflated directly after winding. The high strength of the airbag prevents the coil from settling by applying uniform pressure to the coil.

We value individuality for our special solutions. Each customer has its own demands, quality standards and desires. Due to decades of experience in creating special solutions, you have found a reliable partner in Rothschenk.

We plan, concept and implement the whole project for you, letting you focus on your core activities. All you need to do is contacting us. Don't hesitate.

  • no deformation of the steel coils due to our steel coil load securing system
  • fastest, easy application
  • individually manufactured for you
  • inexpensive solutions with great benefit


  • External bag
    • PP (Polypropylene) woven tape fabric, laminated
  • Internal Bag
    • PE (Polyethylene) foil
  • Valve
    • BIG
  • Filling:
    • with filling adapter (stationary connection or mobile battery blower)
  • Environmental advice: mutual disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic in case of burning
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