Women power does not retire!

Women power does not retire!

Aub. 04.05.2023

You don't like to give away tried-and-tested inventory. When female power meets life experience, company history is written. During a short celebration, Rothschenk was able to honor three female employees from the very beginning for their special services. Of course, the management did not miss the opportunity to say a few words to the individual employees.

Hilde Neuerer led the fortunes of the accounting department for a long time and always had a firm grip on the numbers. She will now go into her well-deserved retirement and we will miss her unique way.

Conny Utermöhlen will also retire, but will remain with us with her expertise. If you like, you will always be greeted by her sunny personality at the reception on Thursdays. It was a great time with her and we are happy that she will stay with us for a while.

Veronika Uttinger-Dick is one of the Rotschenk employees who has been with the company the longest. Her commitment to the company is not only evident from her work, but also from the fact that she will continue to work for Rothschenk beyond her retirement age (we won't reveal the details 😉 ).

We wish all three of them all the best for the future and look forward to seeing them again at any time.

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