New logistics center - celebration of inauguration

New logistics center - celebration of inauguration

Aub. 09.11.2022

Our new logistics center will not only make it possible to supply our customers even more efficiently - it is also slowly taking shape. On November 9th, 2022, we were able to celebrate the inauguration for our new hall with personalities from regional politics and our construction companies.

Of course, Roman Menth, Mayor of the city of Aub, did not hesitate to address a few words to the Rothschenk staff at the inauguration. As one of the largest employers in the region, the importance of Rothschenk as a company and also the clear commitment to the Aub/Baldersheim location is an important sign for the families.

The town of Aub showed humor and a sense of practicality when a bird house and flower seeds were presented. The latter should symbolize the growth of the company and at the same time offer a home for the local nature.

Mr. Keller from the Gillig & Keller construction company, which was in charge of the planning and implementation of the hall, took on the role of the speaker. Talking together about what has been achieved and what is still to be done in relation to the new building was of course a matter of honor over a buffet and drinks.

In his speech, Jürgen Schulte-Wieking also explained the time frame until the completion of the new building. He named February 2023 as his goal. There is still a lot to do before then, but the following work will mainly take place inside.

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