From now on at Rothschenk: Drumguard® Quattro!

From now on at Rothschenk: Drumguard® Quattro!

Englisch Drumguard® Quattro essentially consists of a square metal element and a special screw. This means that four barrels can be connected to a standard CP3 or CP9 pallet to form a certified, safe loading unit.

But Drumguard® Quattro not only connects barrels on pallets to form a secure unit.
In terms of quality, the product also succeeds in combining the important aspects of increasing safety
Loading and transport, process optimization in everyday user life, economic efficiency and environmentally-oriented sustainability.


- Position 4 DIN roll drums, each with a volume of 216.5 liters, on the pallet
- Put on the Drumguard® Quattro
- Insert the screw in the middle of the Drumguard®
- Screw into the middle pallet block with a cordless screwdriver
- Tighten the screw with a torque wrench to 35 NM
- Apply horizontal strapping over the upper or lower barrel edge bead

Drumguard® Quattro is significantly safer, faster, cheaper and easier to use,
than any conventional load securement solution in the area of ​​barrel loading and barrel transport.
The system was certified by the Fraunhofer Institute IML in Dortmund.
It can withstand loads of up to 1.0 G.

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