Dunnage bag - Filling Equipment Mobile Battery Pack

Dunnage bag - Filling Equipment Mobile Battery Pack


Do not search. Find. We have attractive mobile Battery blower sets with the most important components of modern load securing. On the one hand always compatible with our stowage pads and on the other hand individually expandable. E.g. with our practical storage case systems.

Mobile battery blower for Dunnage Bags combine the best of both worlds: Professional tools for the Load Securement and an excellent price-performance ratio.

In order to provide our customers with premier quality products, we put together some attractive set-offers, which contain everything you need for a nefficient and rapid filing of dunnage bags. The sets contain blower, loading device, battery and an adapter, adjusted to your individual applications.

Hereby, our mobile battery blower offers you maximum freedom without annoying cables which can be an obstacle thus a danger for working safety.

In combination with the powerful engines and long-lasting exchangeable batteries, you safe considerably more money compared to purchasing every single components.

Furthermore, switching to mobile battery blowers saves a lot of energy compared to stational air pressure systems and you support our company by an active measure on our way to more sustainability.

  • Top cost effectiveness
  • powerful battery systems
  • forceful blower engines
  • plenty of choice of tools
  • and secured spare parts supply.
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