Accumulating pads - Filling guns compressed air

Accumulating pads - Filling guns compressed air


Depending on the application, there are disposable or reusable valves, or different filling techniques. We attach great importance to the fact that with all variants you also get a suitable filling gun you receive

Our Rothschenk filling gun for Dunnage Bags is notable not only for its high filling speeds but also for its robust design. In addition, the Venturi principle ensures extra fast filling.

The Rothschenk filling gun for ram pads is available in different versions available in numerous variations - always provided in professional quality. We offer you both, pistols with shop air and mobile devices with electricity-/battery supply. In the development of each of our filling pistols, the quickest filling remained the highest priority. Likewise, an ergonomic handling by the operator.

Rothschenk Filling Pistols are thought-out right the smallest details and are featured of their high-quality materials and user friendliness. Furthermore, they contain innovative features like a digital manometer. Rothschenk's product diversity almost unprecedented.

We have mobile battery blowers, stational air pressure systems and numerous innovations in the field of adapters and supply techniques. All pistols have the integrated venturi-principal in common, which sucks out additional air and accelerates the filling process significantly.

  • professional quality
  • high user friendliness
  • innovative functions
  • huge selections
  • compatible systems
  • developed from the praxis for the praxis
  • short delivery times, mostly storing available
  • Faster filling
    • Up to 2/3 ambient air is additionally sucked in (see drawing)
  • High safety aspect - no overfilling possible
    • Gun blows to the rear if there is a risk of overfilling of the dunnage bag
  • Saves compressed air and therefore money
    • Maintaining compressed air systems is a major cost factor
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