Tools - positioning guides

Tools - positioning guides


(R) Tool positioning guides ease many hand movements on the loading ramp. Whether it is a telescopic gripper or a positioning guide for lashing or a edge protection angle - all our tools are of sturdy quality and absolute professional devices.

The applications for Rothschenk positioning aids are diverse. Often places on the container are difficult to access, be it when attaching lashing systems or when positioning dunnage bags.

We have developed a helpful professional tool for nearly any application. These are oftenly directly developed out of daily situations on the loading ramp and by our load securement experts with plenty of mental work and experience.

We developed the suitable positioning aids especially for lashing systems, which eases working on the loading ramp. Even for the positioning of dunnage bags in gaps or for our innovative S.A.M., we have developed extendable telescopic tools that ease your work on the loading ramp on a daily basis.

You have a repetitive problem on the loading ramp and search for an innovative tool which eases your daily work? We will find the perfect solution for you.

There's just one condition: you need to contact us. Our aim: to give you the proper tool soon.

  • innovative solution
  • sturdy heavy duty quality
  • plenty of choices
  • evolved from practice
  • not yet invented? We can change that!
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