Tools - Container

Tools - Container


Hooks and drying agent, lashing point extensions or flexible hooks for a reefer containers - Rothschenk offers you a wide range of usefull supplies for load securement.

Rothschenk has a huge range of container tools. For instance lashing points for reefer container (refrigerated container), lashing point extensions for container lashings, drying agent as chains or in bags and much more. Whether you need single components of our load securement or tools like hooks or buckles - Rothschenk provides you with a immense range of components in best professional quality.

When choosing our components, we rely on prestigious suppliers, mostly located and producing in Germany. Additionally, we count on our own high quality standards to keep the quality of the products high for the final customer. At Rothschenk, you always receive reliable quality - that is a promise, the whole industry knows us for it.

  • professional quality
  • rapid delivery times
  • plenty of choices
  • thought- out solutions
  • Consulting you on real every single Product
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