Special Solutions - Agricultural sector

Special Solutions - Agricultural sector


We are more innovative for many industries Problem solver.. This extends to the field of agriculture, where, for example, large areas have to be covered or handrails (e.g. on silos) have to be designed flexibly.

There are numerous application areas in the agricultural industry where Rothschenk has already developed special solutions. Clever applications would be a handrail for silos, which consists of a lashing strap and is tightened with a ratchet. This provides a flexible falling protection that can be often mounted on the already existing posts of the silo's wall.

Agricultural companies and cooperaratives rely on our competence when covering silos and piles of sugar beets. Due to our high competence with in-house production, we can fullfil nearly any customers demand.

Size is relative. Our company area in Aub / Lower Franconia offers generous capacities to fullfil even the most demanding customer requirements. Consequently, YOU set the boundaries of the sizes of your product. Good to now for you: up to now, we were always able to realize any project in our Rothschenk quality.

You find the wide range of our efficiency in the special solutions menu. [R] Special solutions.

  • individual production according the customers specifications.
  • completely developed special solutions
  • conception and projecting from A-Z
  • Quality "Made in Germany
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