Accumulating cushion - Filling technology - Overview

Accumulating cushion - Filling technology - Overview


There are many ways to fill a dunnage bag with air. We have the most effective in our range. Whether it is a stationary air pressure system or a mobile battery blower - our components are perfectly coordinated with each other

Rothschenk Filling Equipment is a generic term for many professional tools, which will make your working day much easier. These find their application in the filling of dunnage bags for load securement. As a manufacturer, we value maximum compatibility of every single component.

That's why our valves of the dunnage bags are always 100% fitting to our filling equipment. This guarantees a high functionality no matter what dunnage bag you use, whether a mobile battery blower or a stationary system, BIG-valves or the fastest filling valve on the market - our TURBO.

One should not rest on his success but expand it. We from Rothschenk share this opinion and, as an innovation leader in the industry, want to provide our customers with finished solutions, you would unsuccessfully look for elsewhere.

By now, we offer almost 100 different articles for filling technique, which make the working day on the loading ramp more efficient and easier. Mobile filling systems, transport suitcases, 90┬░-angle adapter, digital filling pistol with manometers, restraint valves for venturi nozzles and small tools like a valve-opening keys show our absolute orientation on the customers working day.

Many ideas result from our research and development team. But some gimmicks were developed with our customer, because sometimes questions arise at the ramp during conversations with our sales representatives that need a solution.

We love to take this suggestions and think about an innovative solution together, because a professional customer feedback is very important to us. You will notice this also with our finished products.

  • combinable systems
  • smart detailed solutions
  • availability guarantee
  • absolute professional quality
  • fastest filling technique
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