Lashing - battery operated lashing tool

Lashing - battery operated lashing tool


The innovation of the year! With a weight of just 2.8 kg, this clamping device is approx. 30% lighter than all other devices on the market. In addition, it was designed to be operated with one hand and to be as compact as possible. With the torque preselection, you can also precisely set the desired pretensioning forces of your lashing restraint system [...]


Market novelty and absolutely easy to use! 

Our battery-powered tensioner is the automated version of a conventional reel tensioner. The battery-powered tensioner is used as a lashing strap tensioner and is used to tension the straps of a Lashings to tighten after threading the belt buckles. Advantages:

Due to the mobile battery operation, you facilitate the tedious manual clamping and thus the work on the ramp enormously. Known devices on the market are extremely heavy due to their weight of 4-5 kg. Our battery-powered tensioner convinces with an unbeatable weight of only 2,8 kg, a real market first. 

Furthermore, you can preselect the desired torque and thus the preload forces. This allows you to reproduce recurring loading patterns with the pretensioning forces as desired.

  • high-quality battery power unit by Milwaukee
  • effortless working, even over a longer period of time
  • solid tensioning device in full metal version
  • Quick Charger
  • absolute professional quality
  • Model type LT38e
  • Pre-tensioning force: STF 500 daN
  • Total weight 2.8 kg
  • Torque steps: 20
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • 2 batteries - 12V - 2.000 mAh
  • Exclusively for [R] Rothschenk Lashing System of the series: White/Red and Pro Lash as well as [R] Lash 32, 35 and 38

Manual reel tensioners are something of the past. The world of load securing is continuosly improving. Battery-powered reel tensioners are becoming more popular in logistics.

This is because battery-powered tensioners make it easier to tension strapping or lashing straps in everyday operations. For this reason, we have decided to develop our new family of tensioners "Made in Germany".

The battery-powered tensioner makes it easier to apply the required pre-tensioning forces. Whereas the operator previously had to generate the force by using a hand-lever, a battery-powered tensioner does this effortlessly. Due to their design, the battery-powered devices available on the market usually weigh 4 kilograms or more. In the long run, this heavy weight quickly tires the opeartor in daily use.

The focus of our development was therefore to develop tools with sustainable optimization for daily use. We succeeded in reducing the weight of the clamping device by approx. 30% compared to other devices on the market.

Our device is ergonomic, can be operated with one hand and is very compact. During development, we noticed that many existing devices require high manual forces to open and close the band brake. Unfortunately, not every operator can muster these forces.

The solution was an automated belt brake. This means that the operator does not need any manual force to open, close or cut. With the weight reduction, ergonomics and the automated belt brake, we have created a novelty: The most innovative equipment in its class.

All our devices include many innovative details that simplify operation. This can be seen in the innovative one-hand operation, the preselection of the pretensioning forces in 20 steps and the lever-free operation of the strap brake.

Lash strap and strapping - One cordless tensioner for everything?

It would seem obvious to use one battery-powered tensioner for all applications. However, strapping and lashing straps are entirely different in structure.

One reason is the structure and material mix of the strap. The correct strap tensioner is very important to ensure that the strap does not slip and that the maximum pretensioning force can be achieved. Practical experience has shown that different belt brake structures are required for different applications.

For this reason Rothschenk has decided to develop the right tensioner for each application and to produce it "Made in Germany".

[R] ST25e: Our tensioner for strapping (composite and woven), optimized for strap widths up to 25 mm and pre-tensioning forces of 50-400 daN. For easier processing of the strapping band, an automated cutting unit is installed. Weight: approx. 2.5 kg and Bosch 12V drive.

[R] LT38e: Our tensioner for lashing systems (White, Red and Pro Lash), optimized for strap widths of 32-38 mm and pretensioning forces of 100-600 daN. Weight: approx. 2.8 kg and Milwaukee 12 V drive.

[R] LT38eP: Our strongest tensioner in the "Performance" version, for particularly demanding applications, optimized for strap widths of 32-40 mm and pretensioning forces of 100-800 daN. Weight: approx. 2.8 kg and Milwaukee 12 V drive.

The combination of proven Milwaukee or Bosch technology and a tensioner made of aluminum produced 100% "Made in Germany" result in the lightest and most innovative device on the market. Each device is supplied as a set with two high-quality lithium-ion batteries and a matching quick charger.

For 25 years, G&H GmbH Rothschenk has stood for innovation and the highest quality in the development and manufacturing of load securing equipment for rail, sea and truck transport. As a manufacturer with its own production site in Germany, research and production go hand in hand and consolidate the claim of genuine "Made in Germany".

What costumers say

I would like to get in touch with you and give you some feedback on the use of the cordless tensioner.

My colleagues were delighted with the device during the first loading. I was also able to see it for myself and was amazed that the load securing went so much faster than with our "hand ratchet". Several colleagues have already tried it out and would prefer to keep it straight away, as it is very easy to use after a short briefing and a few uses. But I think the biggest advantage is the effortless application.

That's why I decided and was given permission to purchase a device. Thank you again for providing us with the test device.

Werner K.

Werner K.

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