Lashing – White Lash

Lashing – White Lash


(R) White Lash is a Lashing web for load securing and is used whenever light goods are to be shipped, or secured at low cost. E.g. through the combination of bagged goods and Edge Protectors with special cutouts, you do not have to sacrifice safety in the process.

Rothschenk White Lash is the first step into the world of load securement with Lashing. Cut your lashing out of the bag on your individually needed length. Together with buckles and paper edge protection you can fit the single components to your special loading situation.

White Lash offers you maximum freedom and is the most inexpensive lashing variety for our clients. If you prefer pre-assembled restraint-systems, we recommend our Red Lash Series, or the Pro Lash Lashing for higher professional demands.

Since White Lash is cut to length in the container, larger quantities of the same article can be bought and processed. This results into a respective price advantage for you as our customer. Furthermore, the space requirement in the warehouse is reduced, because the number of different articles compared to pre-assembled restraining systems (Red Lash / Pro Lash) is less.

White Lash is the ideal solution for goods with low weight where certain lashing widths would be oversized for example. Nevertheless, we offer you the entire range from 32 to 50 mm lashings as bagged cargo. We are pleased to consult you personally, which lashing system suits to your individual loading situation.

Our woven White Lash Polyester-One-Way-Lashings are perfect for reliably securing one-way lashings in containers, railroad cars or on flat racks. Rothschenk White Lash are available in different breaking resistances as yard goods.

Our lashings are simply cut to the required length by the user. Certificated by TÜV Rheinland and combined with our other load securement articles, they guarantee the safety of your transport.

  • AAR certified (Association of American Railroads) 32/40 mm)
  • Certificated by TÜV Rheinland Akademie
  • conform to CTU Code
  • cost-effective
  • individually cut to the demanded length
  • Prize advantage due to larger quantities
  • less need for storage place


  • Lashing 32 mm
    • Linear Tigthness: 2,300 DaN
      System resistance of the belt
    • with buckle (R) 3516: 2,820 daN
    • with buckle (R) 3030: 4,170 daN
  • Lashing 35 mm
    • Linear Tigthness: 3,000 daN
      System resistance of the belt
    • with buckle (R) 3516: 3.620 daN
    • with buckle (R) 4040: 4,640 daN
  • Lashing 38 mm
    • Linear Tigthness: 3,500 daN
      System resistance of the belt
    • with buckle (R) 4040: 5,250 daN
  • Lashing 40 mm
    • Linear Tigthness: 5,000 daN
      System resistance of the belt
    • with buckle (R) 4040: 6,060 daN
  • Lashing 50 mm
    • Linear Tigthness: 3,000 daN
      System resistance of the belt
    • with buckle (R) 5020P: 4.070 daN
    • with buckle (R) 5050: 4,980 daN
  • Lashing 50 mm
    • Linear Tigthness: 6,000 DaN
      System resistance of the belt
    • with buckle (R) 5050: 6,720 daN
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