Lashing – Full Safety Tarp

Lashing – Full Safety Tarp


A restraint plane prevents the goods from falling out of the container when opening its doors. This protects both, the recipients and the goods the same way. Little costs - great effect.

Full Safety tarp solves a very special problem of load securement. How do I protect sensitive and small packages from being damaged by the container door? Our answer: Full Safety tarp.

A combination of robust PP fabric with a sewed-on cross over lashing is a reliable prevention from goods falling out and keeping them in their spot. Additionally, the Full Safety tarp is a restraint system which embraces the goods and consequently secures the container door.

With the high weights occurring in container shipping, load securement is inevitable. The Full Safety tarp secures the recipient of the goods when opining the container doors. From the outside, it is impossible for him to judge whether the container doors are relieved or still under pressure.

Our Full Safety tarp provides a maximum security for the recipient. The dropping out of single packages onto the opener is now impossible due to the all-over protection.

The direct purchase at the manufacturer has numerous advantages. Beside the particularly favorable prize, without intermediate trade, we can produce products individually.

Whether it is a variation of an established product or a completely new development - Rothschenk can address requests directly with its own production in Germany. We provide you with real quality “Made in Germany”. Just ask and test us...

  • ideal for sensitive and small packagings, which can't be
    secured alternatively
  • certificated lashing in various strengths
  • Packaging units are securely withheld from the container door.
  • available in standard sizes and as individual manufacturing


• material: robust PP-woven bands
• including sewed on Lashing Web

  • Lashing 32 mm
    • Tarp Size: 1.500 x 2.300 mm
    Material number 24404 I packaging unit 100 pcs. per pallet
  • Lashing 32 mm
    • Tarp Size: 2.000 x 2.300 mm
    Material number 24571I packaging unit 100 pcs. per pallet
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