Lashing - Tool Buckles

Lashing - Tool Buckles


Lashing systems and webbing in general are closed by means of belt buckles. These must be adjusted to the correct belt width, otherwise you slip or can not absorb the forces. Therefore, we offer you a wide range.

Rothschenk buckles are always used when webbing is to be joined together. Both loose bagged goods and ready-made lashing systems require belt buckles for final fixation. However, these must be adjusted to various factors.

The weight of the load, width of the lashing, and not to forget the costs must be taken into account by the load master.

The forces on a buckle during the transport are immense. You can watch a video on our video-library, which shows what forces are at work on a lashing system when it is under load.

These tractions need to reliably be handled by the buckle . Low- or high-qualities can decide whether your load is transported to its destination securely or damaged.

  • wide range
  • for 35/40/50 mm band width
  • constantly available
  • high-professional material quality



lashing width

  • 35 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 50 mm
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