Truck Lash


To a large extent, trucks with a single-layer loading are on the roads. This is very often due to the load distribution that has to be taken into account. The goods cannot be attached to the end wall of the body in a double-layered and form-fitting manner, but would have to lie in the center of the body.

However, there is no end wall in the middle of the trailer. Is there a reliable solution for this? The answer: Yes, [R] TruckLash. By combining a head lashing and bay lashing in both directions, loading in the double deck is now possible.

What you get out of it? More payload, more efficiency, lower costs and a significant CO2 saving.

Inform now (application video)

  • up to 30% more payload
  • high cost saving
  • designed as a reusable system
  • certified by Eurosafe
  • cost-efficient purchase
  • Double deck loading possible
  • Quality Made in Germany
The load distribution during truck transport sometimes severely limits the maximum amount of goods that can be transported. Double-decker loading is sometimes not possible at all. As a result, space that is actually available remains unused.


By optimally distributing the goods, to make the most of the axle loads. Securing the goods has the highest priority. An additional objective is to increase the number of goods transported.


The innovative [R] TruckLash offers an optimal axle load distribution due to the certified design as double-deck loading. Due to head / bay lashing in both directions, customers were able to achieve an average of up to 30% more payload compared to a classic loading.
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