Lashing - Tools Magnets

Lashing - Tools Magnets


You will love this Rothschenk innovation - Our magnetic holders! They are ideal to help with the Lashings application to quickly fix the cross straps to the container wall. And with the loop strap, they can be easily removed again.

Everyday life is stressful enough. You shouldn't make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself. Because when attaching a Lashings it is not always easy to sort the webbing neatly and keep it in position.

Rothschenk is always practice-orientated. That's why we developed magnets with special straps. This allows a simple fixing of the lashings without residues. Consequently, you have your hands free for other steps and maximum order on the ramp.

With 41 kg, our magnets have a very high holding force - reliably fixating even heavy objects like dunnage bags on the container wall until they are fully filled. To remove the magnets, a hearty grip or our universal positioner for hard-to-get-at locations.

The applications for our magnets are countless. Even at Rothschenk, they find new application fields on a regular basis.

  • very high holding force
  • universally usable
  • residue-free removable
  • usable any number of times
  • high working simplification


  • Magnet with holding force of 41 kg
  • metal body with 36mm diameter
  • Strap with 150mm diameter out of 25 mm lashing
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