Lashing - Tools Reel Tensioner

Lashing - Tools Reel Tensioner


The Reel Tightener is a lashing strap tensioner. This makes use of the leverage effect when it comes to tensioning webbing with the necessary force. The webbing is simply inserted and wound around a shaft with a lever and tensioned.

For Tensioning webbing for lashing, pure hand force is not sufficient. Therefore, a so-called reel tensioner was invented. The webbing is clamped in the lashing tensioner and tensioned by moving the lever with ratchet function up and down. In the process, the belt strap winds around a shaft of 40 or 50 mm width, thereby generating the required tensioning force.

"Human power is unbelievable when working with leverage". Same goes for the reel tensioner that takes advantage of the lever force to provide the required clamping forces.

We recommend our battery tensioner for an easier application. It automatically tensions the lashing with its powerful engine.

  • easy handling
  • effortless reaching of the pre-tensioning forces
  • high-quality materials for long-term usage


  • available for 40- or 50-mm lashing
  • high-quality metal
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