Lashing - Tool locator

Lashing - Tool locator


The "tool of the trade" on the ramp. We developed high-quality locators for various situations which makes the daily working easier. Our locators are available for edge protections, dunnage bags and lashings. Edge Protectors, Dunnage Bags and Lashings.

Sometimes, container hooks are not easy to reach, not just in "high cube" containers. Even when the goods are already loaded and a positioning of dunnage bags is necessary, a locators decisive advantages.

Our tools were developed for the demand in the practical experience and are therefore also 100% user friendly. The high-quality materials make the locator to a much needed tool and differ from the other cheap products on the market.

THE universal tool doesn't exist. But we have the perfect locator for (almost) every case. For lashing, edge protection and dunnage bags you will find different tools that will delight you.

One important component is always the proper application head - aligned on the respective product that needs to be handled. Furthermore, our locators are mostly extendible to give you the biggest possible radius of action.

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  • tuned to Rothschenk's products
  • mostly expandable
  • high-quality materials
  • developed for the practice
  • constantly available
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