Training at Rothschenk - The Video!

Training at Rothschenk - The Video!

Aub. 06.03.2023

HR- Human Resources, that sounds very technical and impersonal. But it is precisely in the search for personnel and the constant maintenance of employee/company relations that the "human touch" is so important. Current developments on the labor market make it difficult for companies to recruit new employees or to attract trainees to the company.

Rothschenk is also facing up to this challenge and is therefore taking a new approach to recruitment. Often, interested parties do not simply want to apply to a company, but first take a look behind the scenes. Young people in particular are especially critical here and naturally use various social media channels to do so.

The new TikTok account of Rothschenk and a "behind-the-scenes" video is therefore especially intended for young people who are interested in an apprenticeship at Rothschenk. Our trainee for industrial clerk, Max Neumann, gives an insight into his everyday life and also explains in a short interview what he likes about Rothschenk as an employer.

Just take a look:

You can find out more about training and our current job offers on our "Career" page.

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