(R) Bag Dunnage Bags become biogas backpacks

(R) Bag Dunnage Bags become biogas backpacks

A simple idea makes life easier in developing countries

Katrin Pütz from the Westerwald dealt with the production of biogas during her agricultural engineering studies at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart. She worked on a technically simple solution to produce and transport biogas so that it could be sold in developing countries. Its aim is to offer people from countries with underdeveloped energy infrastructures an opportunity to get out of energy insecurity independently and without development aid. Your idea of ​​solving the energy problem in developing countries is simple:

"Make biogas mobile, because if it is easy to transport, you can sell it and become independent of financial aid through your own income!"

A backpack that creates opportunities.

The principle of manufacture of Biogas is simple. Together with water, kitchen waste and livestock are turned into dung - biogas. You will need a barrel, a few pipes, a tarpaulin and a large plastic bag. Your specially developed backpack should enable the locals to carry the biogas home for cooking.

When looking for a producer for the Biogas backpackKatrin Pütz became aware of our company in Aub, Lower Franconia. At Rothschenk, we have been developing and producing systems for securing loads since 1996. Our fully recyclable (R) Bag Dunnage Bag, with an outer skin made of coated polypropylene tape fabric and an inliner made of polyethylene film, are used to fill cavities and gaps when transporting cargo. In Katrin Pütz concept they become biogas backpacks and are to be produced in our company. We are enthusiastic about her idea and her unprecedented commitment and decide to support her and her Social Business (B)energy. to support.

A lot has happened since the presentation in Aub

  • In 2013, Katrin Pütz will be awarded the „Empowering People Award“ of the Siemens Foundation .
  • The biogas backpack is certified by TÜV.
  • The company (B) energy has been offering franchisees the opportunity to sell (B) energy biogas technology locally in their country since 2014. Interested locals can use these canals to get a mobile biogas plant and use the biogas produced yourself or sell it in backpacks in their region.

Katrin Pütz has achieved a lot with her biogas backpack idea. The easy way for locals in developing countries to get access to a clean and environmentally friendly energy source.

  • They no longer have to cook their meals over an open fire in closed rooms and inhale harmful smoke.
  • Firewood no longer has to be laboriously collected or bought for expensive money.
  • The trees in the forests are protected as less wood is required immediately and is cleared accordingly.
  • People in developing countries no longer have to wait to be helped. The mobile biogas technology, which is accessible and affordable by franchisees in more and more countries, enables them to help themselves.

Nevertheless, the agricultural engineer does not want to stand still and is always open to ideas and exchanges of views in order to further develop the company (B) energy. For example, you can get involved as a (B) angel and, depending on your skills or competencies, contribute directly to the company. You can find more information here.

Rothschenk will continue to support Katrin Pütz and the Social Business (B) energy in the future. We hope that even more people will benefit from this invention and will continue to tell the story of the biogas backpack at this point.

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