Finish line or archway? What is that?

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Finish line or archway? What is that?

AUB. 25.08.2020

...that's what many wonder at first sight of our New development. This much in advance: Rothschenk's innovation has many possible applications.

Originally designed as a draught and cold stopper at the loading ramp, it was developed together with one of our customers. Since then, it has been sealing the gap between the loading zone and the open rear wall of the truck, thus preventing drafts. Inflated in seconds, the comfort and work protection for the loading personnel is significantly higher.

But as is so often the case, good ideas have several applications. Our "archway" can also be used for advertising purposes, as an individually manufactured finish at competitions or to seal gaps on construction sites. Our own production site in Germany makes it possible.

Do you like quality "Made in Germany"? Then you are right with us. Just send us a non-binding inquiry.

P.S.: The pictures were taken in our production. Pictures in the application at the loading sluice will follow.

Archway | Rothschenk
Archway | Rothschenk

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