Mouse fans visit our load securement world!

Mouse fans visit our load securement world!

The seventh Mouse "Door Opener Day" took place on October 3rd, 2017 and Rothschenk was there for the first time.

90 children, accompanied by their parents, passed through our 5 stations on the topic of load securement. In the sea container we showed them why and how to secure cargo. In the production hall, every mouse fan assembled his own airbag and was allowed to paint it brightly. After that it got a little louder. It went to the Knallhalla. Here the children watched as we test a dunnage bag and they learned why this is necessary. At the fourth station they learned how a biogas plant works and what that has to do with our dunnage. The last station took mouse fans to our ideas workshop. With their help we tried to answer the following question: What else can you pack in dunnage bags? We all wrote down the many, many ideas on small index cards and posted them on our pin board.

Each tour ended with a festive cake in our coffee lounge. We would like to thank the children very much for their great interest, our Rothschenk-Mouse Team for the great organization and implementation and of course the WDR and the Mouse, without whom this wonderful day would not have been possible.

What is the door opener day?
On the “Door Opener Day” of the “Sendung mit Maus” program, children and families all over Germany can experience factual stories live with free admission. Several hundred institutions, companies, research laboratories, associations and workshops open doors on October 3rd that otherwise remain closed to children and behind which there is something exciting to discover.

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