Driving safety training

Driving safety training

Aub, 25.05.2022

Rothschenk stands for safety on the road, rail and sea. As far as traffic on the road is concerned, the employees' commute to work is also accompanied by various challenges.

The Rothschenk team was therefore able to complete a one-day driving safety training course in cooperation with the ADAC. A course was set up on the company's own premises, where skill and ability were challenged and promoted.

Starting and braking correctly - a matter of practice, especially with e-bikes - was trained, as was safely avoiding obstacles. One particularly tricky task was picking up and putting down a handle attached to the chain. The task was to circle the pylon to which the chain was attached with one hand.

Legal topics were addressed as well as safety equipment and correct settings on the bike.

How to take a look at a Statistics of the Federal Statistical Office shows that the number of traffic accidents involving bicycles has risen significantly in recent years. The continuing e-bike boom and the increased switch of many employees from cars to bicycles have certainly contributed to this.

In addition, the cycling season as a whole has become longer. What is interesting about the statistics is that they cover the period up to 2020 - i.e. in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown. It remains exciting how this will affect the statistics for 2021/2022.

Through the internal training, valuable work was thus done to prevent accidents. The previous knowledge of all participants was different, but was raised to the same level by this company event. As a result, nothing should stand in the way of a safe journey to Aub in the future.

We would like to thank all participants and of course in particular the staff of the ADAC for your commitment.

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