New at Rothschenk: (R) Special Y Cover

Y-Cover: Securing soft packaging

New at Rothschenk: (R) Special Y Cover

Awarded the 2015 Prevention Award from the Trade Association for Trade and Goods Logistics (BGHW)!

Our (R) Special Y Cover hold-down tarpaulin provides stable securing of soft packaging and other light building materials. Without the lashing strap pressing into the goods, the wide contact surface of (R) Special Y Cover avoids pressure points in easily deformable cargo goods. The unfolded hold-down cover is simply positioned centrally over the single or double pallet and then alternately lashed with our lashing straps. The use of edge protectors is therefore no longer necessary.

(R) Special Y Cover was awarded the prevention prize by the trade association for trade and goods logistics BGHW. The product significantly reduces the risk of accidents when securing tall and unstable containers, such as insulating materials, and thus increases work safety in your company and on the streets.

(R) Special Y Cover:

  • No pressure marks in packaging or product
  • Elimination of the edge protection
  • Easy and fast handling
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Higher occupational safety

If you are interested in the use of (R) Special Y Cover, just talk to one of ours Load Securement Experts.

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