32nd Munich Dangerous Goods Days

32nd Munich Dangerous Goods Days

25.05.2022 - 32nd Munich Dangerous Goods Days

As a leader in the industry, we were of course also represented at the Munich Dangerous Goods Days from 23-25 May 2022. The decision makers and responsible persons for load securing of different companies used this opportunity to refresh their knowledge.

The speakers' main topics were:

  • Legal changes and implementation in practice
  • Developments in the waste management industry
  • Dangerous goods violations from legal practice
  • Training in times of the pandemic: digitalization or old school?

In addition, there were supplementary special topics:

  • Tasks of the federal monitoring authorities: The BAG and the EBA
  • The electronic transport document
  • Experimental lecture of different dangerous goods

At various symposia, interesting discussions were also held around:

  • The safety data sheet in hazardous goods law
  • The transport document
  • Dangerous goods in air transport - the somewhat different mode of transport

As a co-exhibitor, Rothschenk was of course represented with numerous innovations, such as the new battery-powered tensioner [R] LT38e.

We thank all customers, interested parties and speakers for the numerous discussions and new contacts. See you soon at the 33rd Munich Dangerous Goods Days!

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