DEKRA certified dunnage bags - never seen before!

DEKRA certified dunnage bags - never seen before!

Level 0, Level 1 and Level 1 AAR - is everything always the same, or what is actually the difference?

There are many names for the load capacity of dunnage bags on the market. But what is really behind them? After all, as a customer you want transparency when buying the product.

This much in advance: There are significant differences between the manufacturers in the strength/quality specifications for the dunnage bags.

An overview

  • Level 0
    • Level 0 is not a standard. Details of the values of the dunnage bags can only be found in the manufacturers' data sheets. It is therefore possible that suitability for professional load securing is not given.
  • White Line DEKRA certified
    • Certified by DEKRA according to strict standards, the customer gets, in addition to the favorable price, the certainty of receiving a reliable product (available in [R] SHOP 24).
  • Level 1
    • dunnage bags with this manufacturer's designation are based on a standard, but are not certified according to AAR. You can find more details only in the manufacturer's data sheet.
  • Level 1 certified according to AAR
  • Level 2 to 5
    • There are even higher level tiers in the AAR. These are used for special requirements such as shipping by rail or transporting heavy objects in containers.

Buy dunnage bags

The solution

Therefore, you should look a little closer when buying. A dunnage bag with a specified standard (Level 1 AAR) or a test mark, e.g. from a recognized testing institute such as the DEKRA are reliable data that can save you a lot of trouble afterwards.

When securing loads, the quality of the securing equipment must not be compromised, otherwise transport damage is usually the consequence. These are usually many times higher than the "saved" costs of load securing.

Price is certainly a decisive criterion when purchasing. We are aware of this, especially as a manufacturer with our own production in Germany, and take into account the different customer requirements through our various product lines.

Recommendation from practice

Which storage cushion format is right for your everyday use? The requirements are usually always different, but we can give you a few recommendations for action:

As a further guide, below is an overview of the filling options for your dunnage pad:

[products columns="5″ orderby="title" order="DESC" ids="10487, 10441, 11247, 11241″]

White Line DEKRA certified

You like to buy security and not just a "pig in a poke"?

Our White Line dunnage bags have been tested in the DEKRA test center according to strict test criteria from practical experience.

We will be happy to provide you with our test certificate upon request.

Which formats are available in stock at Rothschenk? Below is a small selection from our [R] SHOP24 range. Our Lashing by the way, are the perfect complement for perfect load securing.

[products columns="7″ orderby="title" order="DESC" ids="11780, 11785, 11787, 14933″]

Any questions?

Good load securing is always a combination of several factors and securing means. For the layman, it is therefore often difficult to put together the right components.

Draw on our nearly 30 years of experience and get tips from our LaSi professionals.

We will be happy to advise you 100% free of charge and without obligation.


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