NEW: [R] Dually Bag for large loading gaps in the container

NEW: [R] Dually Bag for large loading gaps in the container

When shipping goods in intermodal transport, correct load distribution in the container, different loading units and utilization of the container repeatedly result in unavoidable, larger gaps between the packages.

In order to fill these form-fittingly and to be able to serve a maximum tonnage, we have developed our [R] Dually Bag completely new.

This combines the excellent pressure stability of a conventional dunnage bag with the high contact surface of a 3D dunnage pad.

Thanks to our innovative filling system with two filling adapters, simultaneous and thus uniform introduction of the air is possible in a practical manner and in record time.

[R] Dually Bag is thus the most cost-effective and dimensionally stable load securing for large gaps from approx. 40 cm and more.

The problem:

In order to load the container in a balanced manner in terms of load distribution, the distribution of the loading units according to a well thought-out loading plan is crucial.

This often creates gaps between pallets that must be filled to prevent tipping and damage.

In practice, traditional wooden bracing has proven to be too costly, too intensive in terms of time and too high in terms of the risk of injury. In addition, the massive increase in wood prices is making this option increasingly unattractive.


So how to proceed?

Error 1:

An obvious solution by the loading personnel would be to first place a single dunnage bag in the loading gap.

This is usually only suitable for a loading gap of up to 60 cm, but it will do, right?

As you can see from the drawing, dunnage becomes very round when inflated in cargo gaps that are too large.

As a result, the contact surface on the goods is only present in the center. The goods can therefore still tip over and be damaged during intermodal transport.

To avoid this, you could take two dunnage bags, right?

Error 2:

What happens when you put two dunnage bags next to each other in the loading gap and inflate them?

Apart from the fact that it is hardly possible and inconvenient to inflate the two dunnage pads evenly at the same time in practice, this variant involves a much greater risk.

Before the container is closed, everything still looks correct to the loading personnel. However, this looks quite different during transport.

One of the two dunnage bags will almost certainly "work its way out" upwards or downwards during transport. Vibrations during rail transport, trucking or shipping will cause the two dunnage bags to shift against each other.

This means that this variant would not provide correct load securing in accordance with the CTU Code either.

What is the solution?

The solution:

With the [R] Dually Bag, two dunnage bags are permanently connected. The unique advantage for your company are:

  • suitable for stowage gaps over 60 cm
  • Continuously adjustable in width
  • no "working out" of the congestion gap
  • dual filling in one step
  • maximum form fit
  • large bearing surface on the fabric
  • Top price / performance ratio

Innovative filling:

The [R] Dually Bag is filled with a Y-hose. Thanks to the special design, both dunnage bags are filled simultaneously and evenly.

The Quick Connect connection on the device and on both hose ends ensures compatibility with Rothschenk SMART valves.

  • Quick Connect for SMART valves
  • Dual filling of both stowage cushions
  • Robust plastic
  • Top price / performance ratio

Into practice - application videos:


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