We are on fire!

We are on fire!

Aub. 09.11.2022

What if? For the third time, a large-scale fire drill was held on the premises of G&H GmbH Rothschenk. The aim of the exercise: the simulation of a fire in an industrial plant.

  • What are the walkways?
  • Are all the people reported as present that day actually safe?
  • Can all the rehearsed processes also be called up fluently in the team?

The surrounding fire departments Aub, Baldersheim, Burgerroth and Oellingen delivered as the last times also, a committed picture. All pre-defined goals were achieved and the "fire fighting" was successfully mastered. The district fire chief was able to give high praise to all more than 50 men (and one firefighter) at the final briefing.

We, the Rothschenk company, would like to thank all the volunteers and emergency personnel and appreciate the closeness of these competent troops. Therefore, the by no means self-evident social commitment was honored by Rothschenk with a hearty snack and a suitable drink. Once again, thanks to all involved.

Want more information on local fire departments?

More at: 1TP5Deaf #baldersheim #burgerroth and #oellingen at the company 1TP5Dropshank

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