Donation handover "Station Regenbogen"

Donation handover "Station Regenbogen"

Aub. According to Spiegel Online, around 1,800 children develop cancer every year in Germany, around a third of whom are affected by leukemia. The chances of recovery are comparatively high in Germany, but it is a difficult and hard time for families.

The load securement expert G + H GmbH Rothschenk based in Aub, manufacturer for Dunnage Bags and Lashings, takes its social commitment very seriously and has taken on this serious topic of children suffering from cancer again this year.

At the WDR “Tür -öffner-Tag-2018” (October 3rd, 2018, we reported), in which Rothschenk also took part, the employees collected for this good cause. The visitors honored this commitment with a donation of € 217.60. This was also generously rounded up by Rothschenk to an amount of € 1,000.

Heidrun Grauer, member of the board for the “Parents' Initiative for Children with Leukemia and Tumor Sickness in Würzburg e.V.”, was delighted with the donation check by Torsten Urban, partner of G + H GmbH Rothschenk, about the extraordinary willingness to donate.

The social commitment will flow into projects of "Station Regenbogen", "Schatzinsel" and "Leuchtturm" of the University Children's Hospital Würzburg and make it easier for the families affected to deal with the disease.

Ms. Grauer thanked the company and its employees for their commitment, which was by no means taken for granted.

More information about "Station Regenbogen" can be found here.

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