NEW - Round bottom bag for drums

NEW - Round bottom bag for drums

When filling greases, oils and adhesives into drums, the same problem always arises at the destination:

Complete emptying is not possible and the drums are no longer suitable for a second use.

This makes no sense either financially or in terms of sustainability. Therefore, using a round bottom bag before filling is a cost-effective and clever solution.

This is manufactured to fit precisely and can be fitted in the drum by hand with little effort. Due to the high demand, industrial companies rely on machine insertion of the inlays. Our round bottom bags are also suitable for this.

After transportation, the goods can be removed or "squeezed out" and the drum can be used again.


The [R] round bottom bag offers many advantages:

  • easy to install
  • affordable
  • Multiple use of drums possible
  • Ideal for storage and transportation of
    • Liquids
    • Powders
    • granulates
    • pasty greases, oils and chemicals
  • Quality Made in Germany

Rothschenk offers you many advantages:

  • customized production
  • Reliable supply chain
  • short delivery times
  • Consistent quality
  • Specific contact persons
  • Support from our sales representatives on request

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    Why should you use round bottom bags?

    The round bottom bag, also known as an inliner, is an innovative product that is becoming increasingly important in the drum industry. As an inlay for drums, it offers numerous advantages and enables efficient and safe storage of liquids.

    A round-bottom bag is a flexible container made of film that has been specially developed for use in drums. It is inserted into the drum and serves as a liner to protect the liquids inside. The round bottom bag is made of high-quality materials that are highly resistant to chemicals and mechanical stress.

    The main purpose of the round bottom bag is to protect the drum from dirt and to protect the contents from external influences. Thanks to its special shape, it fits perfectly inside the drum and forms a tight barrier between the contents and the metal of the drum. This prevents corrosion or other damage to the drum material.

    Another major advantage of the round bottom bag is its easy handling. It can be inserted into the drum quickly and easily, enabling fast filling and emptying. It is also easy to clean and reusable, which contributes to sustainable use.

    The use of a round-bottom bag also offers hygienic advantages. By avoiding direct contact between the contents and the drum material, the risk of contamination is minimized. This is particularly important in sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the highest hygiene standards must be maintained.

    Our round bottom sacks are individually manufactured and meet the individual requirements of different industries. For example, there are special sacks for the transportation of foodstuffs, chemicals or hazardous goods. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on the various products and their technical specifications.

    Overall, it can be said that the round bottom bag as an inlay for drums is an innovative solution for storing liquids safely and efficiently. Thanks to its easy handling, high resistance and hygienic advantages, it meets the requirements of various industries. The round bottom bag is an example of advanced technology in the drum industry and contributes to the optimization of storage and transport processes.

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