Barrel securement - one-way

Barrel securement - one-way

    Product Description

    (R) Barrel Securement was developed as a one-way system to fix barrels securely on a pallet. By using strapping tapes, the application is rather simple.

    The round shape of barrels complicates the generic handling, as well as the loading and the reliable transport. Rothschenk now has a solution for this problem and found an ingenious solution as a self-developing and manufacturing company.

    It's ingenious because our barrel securement is easy to attach and absolutely reliable. It can be attached by a single person. Therefore, the pre-assembled lashing is laid over the barrel and connected with the pallet by a polyester or composite strapping tape.

    With load securement by Rothschenk you're always on the safe side. Our barrel securement (no matter if one-way- or multi-way-system) is CTU conform and also approved for dangerous goods. Therefore, you do not take any risks and can be sure your goods reach their destination unharmed.

    The fast and simply application is always guaranteed by Rothschenks pre-assembled state. Our barrel securement can even be attached by a single person.

    Put the barrel securement over the barrel, fix it with the one-pieced lashing strap to the pallet - your sturdy loading unit is ready for transport.

    This system convinced the external expert so much that he rewarded our Rothschenk barrel securement with the title "certificated as sturdy loading unit". For your security.

    • Certificated as sturdy loading unit
    • On-man-attachment
    • available as one-way or multi-way
    • CTU conform - even for dangerous goods
    • for one or two barrels on the euro-pallet


    • Polyester (PES)
    • diameter:
      • 600 mm
      • 540 mm
    • Capacity barrel:
      • 200 liter
      • 120 liter
    • kind of barrels:
      • Plastic-barrel
      • Steel-barrel
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