Barrel Securement

(R) Barrel Securement

With our certified Barrel Securement With our self-developed drum securement, you built a safe load unit out of one or two barrels and a euro-pallet both, rapidly and easily. Rothschenk drum securement is a multi-way system (also available as one-way version for polyester- / composit strapping tapes). The one-parted lashing strapt has a easy handling and reaches the demanded tensional force effortlessly.

Standard versions Drum securing on pallet:
for 200 liter steel barrel with 600 mm Ø
for 120 liter plastic barell with 540 mm Ø
for 200 liter plastic barell with 600 mm Ø

Here you can see the load unit formation with our barrel fuse.

Further versions on request. Call us. We are happy to help. Rothschenk Sales Team +49 (0)9335-9715-77

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Barrel Securement - reusable

Securing a round barrel is a challenge. Especially if you don't have a (R) drum securing system. This was developed as a reusable system, e.g. for internal factory transport and quickly fixes a drum on the pallet. Application of barrel securing multi-way system: To secure liquids in barrels on pallets correctly is a special challenge on all transport routes. Due to your round [...]

Barrel Securement - one-way

(R) drum securing as a one-way system was developed to secure drums safely on a pallet. For this purpose, the application is kept very simple by using strapping tape. Application of one-way drum securing: The round shape of drums makes general handling as well as loading and reliable shipping more difficult. That is why Rothschenk has taken on this problem [...]

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