Barrel Securement

(R) Barrel Securement

With our certified Barrel Securement With our self-developed drum securement, you built a safe load unit out of one or two barrels and a euro-pallet both, rapidly and easily. Rothschenk drum securement is a multi-way system (also available as one-way version for polyester- / composit strapping tapes). The one-parted lashing strapt has a easy handling and reaches the demanded tensional force effortlessly.

Standard versions Drum securing on pallet:
for 200 liter steel barrel with 600 mm Ø
for 120 liter plastic barell with 540 mm Ø
for 200 liter plastic barell with 600 mm Ø

Here you can see the load unit formation with our barrel fuse.

Further versions on request. Call us. We are happy to help. Rothschenk Sales Team +49 (0)9335-9715-77

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Reusable Drum Securing | Load Securing Products Rothschenk

Drum securing - reusable with clamp lock strap

We also secure round designs reliably and in compliance with standards. The (R) drum securing system is designed as a reusable system to enable sustainable use. In addition to robustness, the focus during development was also on quick applicability. Just try it out. Application of drum securing reusable system: Liquids behave completely differently during transportation than solids or stable [...]

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Securing a round barrel is a challenge. Especially if you don't have a (R) drum securing system. This was developed as a reusable system, e.g. for internal factory transport and quickly fixes a drum on the pallet. Application of barrel securing multi-way system: To secure liquids in barrels on pallets correctly is a special challenge on all transport routes. Due to your round [...]

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(R) Drum Securement One-way was developed to secure drums safely on a pallet. It is extremely easy to use thanks to the use of strapping tape. The round shape of drums makes general handling, loading and reliable shipping more difficult. Rothschenk has therefore addressed this problem and [...]

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