Edge protection - plastic double-chambered

Edge protection - plastic double-chambered


Building materials can take a lot. But our Edge Protection Angles - Plastic Double Chamber are in no way inferior. They are easy to assemble and have been designed to be as robust as possible. Our edge protection angles are available in standard lengths and also in custom sizes.

Transporting building materials is a special challenge in load securement. This is because heavy weights encounter rough surfaces and often free weathering. Therefore, the edge protectors used for this purpose must be able to withstand a lot.

Rothschenk Edge Protectors are built in double web form. The robust plastic (PE) protects the goods and the lashing straps equally efficiently.

Our double web edge protectors made of plastic are available from us in stock by the meter. Since we assemble them to length on site, we can fully adapt to your wishes.

Our edge protectors - plastic double chamber are particularly suitable for soft packaging and small packaging units such as: Bagged goods, Octabins, Big Bags or building materials. We have the leg lengths 19×19 cm, or 12×12 cm in stock and cover almost all loading situations.

  • individual lengths, cuttable by Rothschenk
  • robust quality for hard usage
  • universally usable
  • re-usable
  • constantly available


  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • side lengths of 12×12 and 19×19 cm
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