Edge protection - cardboard quarter circles

Edge protection - cardboard quarter circles


Essential for shipping barrels: Edge Protection Quarter shells made of cardboard. This is because they protect the drums from deformation and also reliably guide the clamping forces around the curvature of the goods. At Rothschenk, they are available in different heights and radii.

Rothschenk edge protector Quarter shells are always used when drums or IBCs need to be protected from damage. However, also when they need to be fixed in terms of load securing.

We offer our paper shells in various radii - depending on the size of the barrels and the IBCs. Furthermore, they can be delivered with an even closed surface or with milling grooves by Rothschenk.

Especially the (mushroom-shaped) milling grooves are of significant advantage. The lashings can be guided through the opening and are therefore prevented from slipping. This could happen otherwise when easing and stressing the lashings again.

The radii of our quarter shells are perfectly matched on your goods. We moreover distinguish between quarter shells for securing barrels and IBCs. We are pleased to apply our know-how to find a special solution for your individual problem.

In combination with lashings or lashing systems, quarter shells are the perfect solution for drum securement. The innovative milling grooves fix the lashings in their height and contribute that the goods are secured from damage for the entire transport in constant quality.

Rothschenk offers quarter shells in two radii standardly. A radius of 610 mm is perfect for barrels. We considered the shorter radii of IBCs for our 200 mm edge protection segments.

Available in store, we can guarantee a short-term shipping. Deformations of your goods are a thing of the past.

  • reliable protection
  • various heights / radii
  • for barrels / IBCs
  • constantly available
  • no deformation of edges


  • cardboard
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