Edge protection - paper edge

Edge protection - paper edge


Most of the pressure is often on the edge of the goods. To reliably dissipate these forces are Edge Protectors the first choice. As a cost-effective variant are Edge protection of cardboard often quite sufficient.

Constructing a form-fit load unit, paper edge protections are often necessary. On the one hand, your goods are protected from damage, on the other hand both the loading process and the future transport is significantly easier and gentler.

Paper edge protections can be both be used horizontally (improves the stacking possibilities on a pallet) and vertically. The latter optimizes the possibility to wrap the pallet with stretch foil. Horizontally attached edge protections makes the strapping with a metal- or plastic band easier.

Paper edge protections have a critical added value. Manufactured out of recycled cartonnages, they are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Numerous companies are increasingly opting for sustainability in the shipping process. Paper edge protections are an inexpensive alternative to conversional plastic edge protections.

Rothschenk paper edge protection are available in various side lengths, adapted to the measurements of a euro-pallet. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of short edge protections when the positioning of the strapping should be chosen individually.

If you can't find your required product in our wide range against all expectations, just feel free to ask us. Together, we can make lots of things possible.

  • stabilized pallet goods
  • easy stacking
  • rapid strapping
  • protected edges when strapping
  • environmentally friendly
  • 100% recyclable


  • cardboard
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