Lashing straps - Ergo long lever pull ratchet

Lashing straps - Ergo long lever pull ratchet


In contrast to conventional pressure ratchets, the "Ergo"-ratchet has a longer lever, which reduces the needed forces. Additionally, here is worked with "tension" not with "pressure".

Often, details make the every day life a lot easier. The same goes for our long lever ratchet "Ergo". Due to its elongated lever handle, the demanded hand force of 50 daN is way easier to reach.

In contrast to a classic pressure ratchet, the elongated leverage makes the everyday work a lot easier.

Conventional pressure ratchets tension with an upward movement. Long lever ratchets though, are operated downwards. Since this supports the ergonomics immensely, many advantages occur. The power transmission is significantly increased and securing the load is much easier.

Due to the elongated lever, combined with the eased handling, the operator can reach the necessary tension forces a lot easier preventing back problems

We are pleased to individualize your ratchet strap with your company's logo or -slogan.

  • easier handling
  • higher tension forces
  • pull ratchet instead of pressure ratchet
  • elongated grip
  • higher leverage
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