Lashing straps - lashing strap reel

Lashing straps - lashing strap reel


You can keep winding lashing strap tediously by hand or safe time and work by using a lashing strap reel. This is mounted easily on the truck and is used by a crank handle.

Every truck driver knows this problem: After having unloaded the goods, all lashings must be rolled up tediously by hand. This can cost a lot of time in some circumstances.

Our lashing strap reel is mounted on a holder on a truck or - brand new - flexibly attached with a magnet. Afterwards, the lashing strap needs to be threaded loosely and wrapped up with a practical winder. Then take it and stow it nice an easy.

Beside a significantly easier handling when wrapping up the lashing, the biggest advantage of a lashing strap reel is the time saving compared to the conventional, manual version.

When unloading the driver can possibly save some minutes. Grossed up onto the entire week or a whole year, a significant amount of time can be saved. Not to forget about the jealous looks of your colleagues...

  • easy handling on the truck
  • great time saving
  • easy handling
  • high-quality metal version
  • clean working


  • steel, zinc coated
  • for band widths up to 50 mm
  • for lengths up to 10 meter
  • Size tolerance +/- 2%
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