Battery-powered tensioner | LT38e | Lashing strap

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Market novelty and absolutely easy to use!

Our battery-powered tensioner is the automated version of a conventional reel tensioner. The battery-powered tensioner is used as a lashing tensioner and is thus used to tension the webbing of a lashing after the webbing buckles have been threaded.

The advantages? The mobile battery operation makes the tedious manual clamping and thus the work on the ramp much easier. The devices known on the market are extremely heavy with 4-5 kg. Our battery-powered clamping device convinces with an unbeatable weight of only 2.8 kg.

The principle of operation is the same as that of a conventional manual reel tensioner. The webbing is inserted and then wrapped around the shaft by the rotary motion of the shaft. The relief provided by an accumulator system lies in the automated rotary movement of the shaft. With commercially available reel tensioners, this must be done conventionally and laboriously by hand. In addition, the desired torque and thus the preload force can be preselected.

Our battery-powered tensioner is equipped with a flexible battery changing system. This allows you to work wirelessly as usual. Due to the two included batteries and the short charging times, you always have enough capacity for everyday life at the loading ramp in alternation. By the way: Lithium-ion batteries have no self-discharge effect!

Our battery-powered tensioner is exclusively suitable for the [R] Rothschenk lashing systems White/Red and Pro Lash as well as our webbings 32, 35 and 38. We accept no liability in the event of non-compliance.

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  • Model type: Battery Clamp – LT38e
  • Preload force: up to approx. 500 daN
  • Drive: Milwaukee 12V
  • 2 batteries with 2.0 Ah included
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Quick charger
  • Total weight: 2.8 kg
  • Suitable for: Rothschenk lashing systems 30 to 38 mm, Rothschenk lash tapes 30 to 38 mm


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