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Real edge protection - not a toy

Edge protection by Rothschenk are extremely sturdy. Constructed with a double-chambered profile, they are both light and sturdy.

Available in common standard lengths or individually cut-to-length for you. Turn the field and find out more...

Increased Friction

Small cause, big effect. The increase in the coefficient of friction through [R] Anti-slip Mats should not be underestimated. In addition, the rubber mats protect both the goods and the transport vehicles from damage during the transport of building materials.

(R) Anti-slip mats - a win/win situation for the customer.

Lashing straps - are you still winding by hand?

It is very annoying and also time-consuming to manually wind a lashing strap. With our lashing strap rewinder it becomes a piece of cake.

It is simply mounted in the vehicle and the lashing strap is easily wound up with a hand crank.

Turn the area and become a fan!

Lashing - Tool locator

The "Tool" at the ramp. We have developed high quality locators for different situations which make the everyday life easier, they are available for example for the edge protection, dunnage bags and lashings. Application for the locators: Hooks in a container are sometimes hard to reach not only in "high cube" containers. Even if the goods have already been loaded and a positioning of dunnage bags is necessary.......

Special Solutions - Y-Cover

Transporting soft building materials such as roof insulation can be a challenge. That's why we developed Y-Covers specifically for delivery to the customer (R). The tarp with webbing holds the goods securely in place and can be quickly opened and repositioned. Application of Y-Cover: Rothschenk Y-Cover was specially developed for regional short-haul transport. Ideally [...]

Dunnage bag – Bag Pro Line

Premium is your claim? Our dunnage is also premium. Both materials and construction make our (R) Pro Line dunnage bags the first choice for securing loads of high-value goods. Application of Pro Line dunnage: Bag ProLine are our robust dunnage bags for filling cavities and gaps within the transport and or loading unit. Thanks to the higher material thickness [...]

Edge protection - plastic double-chambered

Building materials can take a lot. But our edge protection angles - plastic double chamber are in no way inferior. They are easy to assemble and have been designed to be as robust as possible. Our edge protection angles are available in standard lengths and also made to measure. Application of edge protection angles - double chamber: Transporting building materials is a special challenge in load securing. Because heavy weights hit [...]

Lashing straps - lashing strap reel

You can keep winding lashing strap tediously by hand or safe time and work by using a lashing strap reel. This is mounted easily on the truck and is used with a crank handle. Application of lashing strap reels: Every truck driver knows the problem: After unloading the goods all the lashing straps must be tediously rolled up by hand.

Lashing straps - Ergo long lever pull ratchet

In contrast to conventional pressure ratchets, a longer lever is used for the so-called "Ergo" ratchet, which reduced the required forces. Additionally, you work with "tractive" instead with "pressure". Application of long lever ratchet Ergo: Small details often makes the everyday life easier. One useful tool is our "Ergo" long lever ratchet. With its extended lever handle, the required hand force of [...]

Edge protection - plastic edge single

Edge protectors made of plastic can be used in a variety of ways in load securing. However, there are also special forms. Among other things, for paper rolls, building materials or other, sometimes very sensitive loads. At Rothschenk, you will therefore find a large selection of edge protection angles. Application of plastic edge protectors: By tensioning straps or strapping bands over an edge, this particular area of an [...]

Anti-slip mats

The anti-slip mat is recommended as a cost-effective and also comparatively very efficient aid for securing loads in containers and truck shipping. Application of anti-slip mat: Anti-slip rubber is recommended as a cost-effective and also comparatively very efficient aid for securing loads in containers and truck shipping. The rubber significantly reduces the coefficient of friction between the load and the pallet or container floor [...].

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