Noah’s Ark in the middle of Franconia?

One assumption about the exact location of Noah’s Ark is Mount Ararat in Turkey.

In any case, it can be found in the “FFH area 3121-3171.06 Main valley and slopes between Sulzbach and Kleinwallstadt”.

Admittedly, this is a climate protection project of the LBV (Landesbund für Vogel- und Naturschutz in Bayern e.V.), but its importance should also be highly valued.


What does the “Noah’s Ark project” mean?

The LBV has owned a large number of small plots of land in the Sulzbach area for over 40 years (reed beds, sedge meadows, wet meadows, wet woodland).

This wetland has been legally protected as a nature reserve since 1985. In order to actually preserve or enhance this as a habitat for rare species such as the dark meadow knot, the ant blue or the marsh grasshopper, long-term nature conservation management of the wet meadow areas is necessary.

Due to the proximity of existing areas owned by the LBV, synergies can be exploited and a well-structured habitat can be created for other species such as butterflies, hymenoptera and bird species.

Rothschenk has supported this project with €5,000 to make all this possible in the long term. On the one hand, because it is an expression of our commitment to nature conservation and our claim to sustainability. Secondly, because we want to support local projects that can be understood on the ground. In this way, we ensure that 100% of the donations really do flow into the projects.

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