Anti-slip paper 1.200 x 800 x 0,4 mm


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Our [R] anti-slip paper is a special kraft paper that has been treated with a friction-enhancing coating. Rothschenk Anti-slip Paper is mainly used as a top or intermediate layer when packing goods on the pallet. Positioned between the pallet and the goods, the coefficient of friction increases significantly. This means that fewer additional load securing materials are required and it is much easier to form reliable load units.

In practice, our stocked Euro pallet dimensions prove to be a sufficient format (1,200 x 800 mm and 1,200 x 1,000 mm). Should your loading situation on site require other dimensions, then we will find the right solution for this as well. With a thickness of 4 mm, we have also ensured that our anti-slip paper is sufficiently robust and abrasion-resistant for tough use in containers.

  • Increased Friction
  • Slip-resistance material from laminated paper
  • The perfect coating and intermediate layer for pallet packaging
  • Environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable
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Whenever cargo slips on a transport, it is the result of simple physical principles. Our anti-slip paper effectively counters this principle with anti-slip, quality-tested materials by effectively increasing the coefficient of friction.

Due to the structure in the form of a cardboard, which is provided with a special rubber coating, it is a cost-effective but also very efficient product for Load Securement. The shipper places the anti-slip paper between the individual packaging units to secure them against slipping. Ideal to save the strapping of the goods with the pallet in the internal goods traffic.


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